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Screenwriter Song Ji Na Comforts Cast of ′Faith′ Over Producer Kim Jong Hak′s Death

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2013.07.24 15:25 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Screenwriter Song Ji Na left a long post after visiting the wake of the late drama producer Kim Jong Hak, showing attempts to comfort the cast of Faith who had been there.

On July 24, the writer wrote on her official website Dramada a long post titled ′I′m back′.

She voiced how sad she was at how SBS′ Faith, which turned out to be the producer′s last piece, was often discussed as the main thing that drove the late producer to his death, and tried to shield the actors of the drama.

Screenwriter Song Ji Na Comforts Cast of ′Faith′ Over Producer Kim Jong Hak′s Death

She said, "Where I was a while ago, there was Mr. Park Sang Won and Ms. Chae Si Ra, who were the leads of Years of Upheaval 20 years ago, and Mr. Bae Yong Jun and Ms. E Jiah of The Legend. Ms. Kim Hee Sun, Mr. [Lee] Min Ho, Mr. Ryu Deok Hwan and Miss Park Se Young of last year′s Faith were also there."

"The old actors and staff who had been in [Mr. Kim Jong Hak′s] early pieces as well as the young actors and staff of what turned out to be his last piece were all there in one room," she continued. "It was like a scene from a dream. Perhaps he wanted us all to come together like this and dine... Was that it?"

She then continued about the actors of Faith, "I was sad that while the actors of other, older pieces were going again and again over the old days, the actors of Faith were just sitting there so calmly. Ms. [Kim] Hee Sun had come running pale-faced after barely wrapping up two shoots, and Mr. Min Ho rushed here in the middle of the night after finding a plane ticket back. Mr. [Ryu] Deok Hwan was sitting there like a dark painting and Ms. [Park] Se Young burst into tears as soon as she arrived. You didn′t have to sit there like that in a corner."

She added, "I′m especially concerned about Ms. Hee Sun. She waited three years to join Faith, and Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun′s role) was the only one who made the director laugh in such hard going. Staff and rookie actors who had no power asked her to back them up with her famous name... and so she had just put her name on the papers in a case that would go against not the director himself, but against the production company. And she′s crying and crying over that. You don′t have to, you know."

She finished, "If anyone′s at fault, it′s the one who didn′t pick up his last phone call even in her long relationship with him. It′s the one who thought so lightly of the times we shared. I′ll have to go to bed. That′s the only way this long night will go, the morning will come and I′ll wake from my sleep."

Song Ji Na worked with the deceased in the dramas Years of Upheaval, Hourglass, The Legend and Faith.

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