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Ye Rim and Infinite’s L on the Set of ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’

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2012.03.10 12:30 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

She’s loved as the ‘Goddess’ and ‘Mermaid’ of Superstar K. She’s also bold enough to have come all the way across the Pacific to step on Korean soil and realize her dream as a singer. This is the 20 year old Kim Ye Rim, who touched hearts on Superstar K3 with her acoustic voice.

Ye Rim and Infinite’s L on the Set of ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’

Kim Ye Rim is currently starring in tvN’s Shut Up: Flower Boy Band as the star singer Kim Ye Rim. She took over the mike on Superstar K3, and now she’s taking over the mike again in the drama, playing up her ′mermaid′ charms to the max with her mysterious air.

One day, she showed up at the CJ E&M center in Seoul. She was shooting a scene from Flower Boy Band with Infinite’s L (Hyun Soo) at the open studio on the first floor of the building. Even when the cameras weren’t shooting, the two gave off a friendly atmosphere, and enews dropped in to watch these 20-something youths give off their energetic vibe.

Why were they at the open studio?

The scene the two were to shoot was about their appearance on an entertainment news program. When the MC asked the two about their ideal types, Ye Rim pointed at Hyun Soo, who she has a crush on.

Hyun Soo, however, didn’t return her affection by just trying to mumble past the MC’s question. Though he′s interested in Ye Rim, because he’s not the type to show his emotions openly, he again let her down at the studio that day.

Matching colors

The two turned heads as soon as they arrived at the studio. Their styles seemed to match each other’s when they sat next to each other on their seats, as Ye Rim and L both donned black outfits. Ye Rim went for cute with her embellished gold neckline, while the chiffon dress and black boots completed her style.

L had shining ornaments sewn all around his collar, matched with a black tie and gray jacket. His brown hair, similar in hue to Ye Rim’s, added to their similarities. Their styles were enough to make anyone look forward to seeing them come together as a couple in the drama.

Ye Rim and Infinite’s L on the Set of ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’

Ye Rim makes L laugh?

In the drama, Ye Rim has a crush on Hyun Soo. After meeting him by chance, she falls for his cold personality and opens up enough to approach him, but Hyun Soo won’t give in so easily.

It’s hard to imagine Hyun Soo smiling at Ye Rim in the drama, but L and Ye Rim were different, as the two acting like brother and sister. As soon as they arrived, they greeted each other with a friendly air, and sat down for a talk and some jokes before the rehearsal. As young stars in their 20s, the two kept laughing, even whilst acting.

Ye Rim and Infinite’s L on the Set of ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’

Ye Rim gets the practice bug

The drama is Kim Ye Rim’s first acting piece. The offer came while she was preparing to debut as a singer, and she made the decision to appear in the drama expecting to gain many different experiences. Now, she’s passing the acting test with flying colors.

Even legitimate actors sometimes get criticized for bad acting, but so far, Kim Ye Rim has escaped scathing remarks - and we could see why. Whenever she had any free time, she could be found poring over her script. She kept asking questions to the director and staff, and was smart enough to understand their questions at once. She had a light in her eyes as if she didn’t want to miss even one word of the director’s advice.

Ye Rim and Infinite’s L on the Set of ‘Shut Up: Flower Boy Band’

Best cuts

Kim Ye Rim could often be found with her head on her hands. When she happened to turn her head in the perfect angle, we could certainly see where her ‘Goddess’ nickname came from. As for L, he’s a member of Infinite, a group with a strong fanbase. He showed how he managed to put together that fanbase with his killer smile.

The scenes filmed this day are scheduled to be aired on March 12 and 13. The episodes will talk of how Ye Rim and Hyun Soo will sing a duet, and the conflicts that arise when Seung Hoon (Jung Ui Chul), leader of Strawberry Fields, becomes the new producer of Easy on the Eyes. Ji Hyuk, Soo Ah and Seung Hoon’s love triangle will also unfold.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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