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Words from Different Generations on the ′20′s Choice Awards′

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2013.07.19 15:27 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The 20′s Choice Awards came to a close on July 18 with a bang, having something good for everyone who were in attendance.

Shinhwa and Lee Hyori especially proved 1st generation idols are still strong, receiving great support from those in their 20s.

Their feats fit perfectly the slogan of the show, ′Legend of 20s′, which meant the ceremony would aim to bring together generations of people by inviting legends that those in their 20s show support for.

Words from Different Generations on the ′20′s Choice Awards′

Shinhwa took home two awards as the 20′s Mwave Global Star and the 20′s Voice, while Lee Hyori also won two, winning the Bluecarpet Popularity Award and becoming the Icon of 20′s.

What added to the show were the words of the stars in attendance. Many stars in their 20s, 30s and 40s spilled out touching, as well as funny, words before their audience, leaving behind deep impressions in their wake.

Lee Hyori says she′ll be a married woman

After accepting her Icon of 20′s Award, Lee Hyori said, "It feels like I′m an old veteran singer, seeing how you played a video about me," referring to the introduction video that explained how she qualified as the winner of the award.

"It seems I did work hard up to now," she continued.

She then said, "Since I′ve received such an award, I′ll continue to work hard in music, life and values...as a married woman," referring to her marriage for the first time in person in an official setting.

Roy Kim talks modesty

Roy Kim, winner of Mnet′s Superstar K4, bowed his head and promised he would continue to be modest in the future. He also apologized for the recent plagiarism controversy that came to surround his self-written song Spring, Spring, Spring.

After winning his Booming Star Award, Roy Kim said, "I feel heavy in heart and very sorry because it seems I′ve caused trouble for so many. I′ll accept this award humbly and modestly."

Roy Kim′s Spring, Spring, Spring was recently charged for being too similar to Acoustic Rain′s Love is Canon. His agency had cleared that the song wasn′t plagiarised, and that it was a piece composed from ground up by the people listed in its credits.

Roy Kim went on to win the 20′s Hot Cover Music Award with Jung Joon Young for their performance of After Turning Into Dust.

He again said onstage, "I′ll accept the love you′ve sent me humbly."

Kim Sung Ryeong says she′s like a woman in her 20s

Actress Kim Sung Ryeong introduced herself as "a woman in her 40s that looks like she′s in her 20s."

Her words hit home, as she flaunted this day visuals that didn′t fall behind those of the young idol stars that surrounded her this day.

She said before awarding the Bluecarpet Popularity Award, "I was about 20 when I became Miss Korea. Now that I′m here, it feels I′ve gone back to those times again. For women, their 20s are the period of their lives when they′re most lovable, healthy and sexy."

She then told everyone to love themselves.

Ryu Seung Ryong dedicates his award to his 20 year old self

Ryu Seung Ryong became the 20′s Male Movie Star this day, and parodied Kim Sung Ryeong′s remark by saying, "A man in his 40s who looks like he′s in his 50s has won this award."

He didn′t forget to mention the actors he had competed against for the award.

"I hope Kim Soo Hyun continues to thrive secretly and greatly, and I hope Song Joong Ki becomes a long-running actor who can be a werewolf boy even when he′s in his middle ages and when he′s old," the actor said.

He finished, "I want to dedicate this award to me in my 20s, the me that was starving and exhausted but never gave up his passion toward acting."

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