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Jang Keun Suk′s Shocking Kissing Confession

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2011.08.19 10:20 Mwave Lee, KyungNam

Kim Bum Soo is no longer the “Singer behind the Curtain”

A singer is someone whose occupation is to, well, sing. In order to be a singer, you need an audience, and singers normally build a fan base by meeting face to face with the crowd. But this singer used to sing behind the curtain, like an invisible man. Singers must naturally develop their careers by meeting the audience, but how would it have been possible for a singer to develop his music career, singing behind a shroud? But back in the late ‘90s, when singer Kim Bum Soo made his debut, looks were top priority for celebrities, including artists and singers. Kim couldn’t stand confidently on stage in an environment where singers were judged by their looks, not their talents.

Jang Keun Suk sent 20,000 female fans into a frenzy during a live broadcast event in Japan for the drama ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’

Jang Keun Suk′s Shocking Kissing Confession

According to Sankei Sports and reports from other media sources, Jang held a ′′Mary Stayed Out All Night’ Live Event in Japan’ at the Budokan in Tokyo on August 18. Jang and co-star Moon Geun Young each took turns greeting the fans who gathered there.

“I was afraid to even stand in front of a camera. My management was hesitant about putting me on stage. Naturally, I could only carry out half of my career” recalled Kim.

He loved singing, so he had to accept the fact that he had to do it in hiding, as if he had done something wrong. But that was the only way he could continue to sing.

And now, in 2011, he describes his current situation as “proof of how much things have changed.” No wonder, seeing how he earned the nickname ‘visual singer’ on the MBC TV hit show I Am a Singer, where he showcased his amazing voice and many talents to his heart’s content, garnering much popularity. Something that he couldn’t have even imagined back in the late ‘90s has come to fruition.

“I still feel like I′m dreaming. I’m afraid that I might wake up, and find everything back to the way it used to be. You know, my nickname, ‘visual singer’, is very ironic; it wasn’t given to me for my looks. I think it’s because I tried to be bold with my musical performances, and the audience found that fresh and interesting,” says the singer.

Kim Bum Soo emphasized the importance of thinking positively. Thanks to his fans, he gained confidence, and this confidence helped him shine brighter.

“When I was performing as a faceless singer, I felt like the sidekick, not the main lead. I always had mixed feelings; because I was so young, I was happy when my songs became popular, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad too (laugh).”

And now, he’s become a musician who’s proven that a singer can succeed with just his music, not his looks.

With his newfound confidence, he appeared on the cover of his latest album ‘SOLISTA: Part 2’. He even starred in his own music video for the first time, revealing his face without his trademark glasses.

“I’m a little dumbfounded by people′s reaction, but I’m very grateful that they gave me a chance to challenge myself. I realized that hard work is always recognized in the end, so now, I have reason to be even crazier about my work (smile).”

Photo credit: Polaris Entertainment

Translation Credit: Misun Lee

Jang Keun Suk′s Shocking Kissing Confession

In addition to performing ‘Please, My Bus,’ from the drama’s original soundtrack, to the crowd of screaming fans, Jang reenacted scenes from the series and chatted with fans, maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

When asked about his favorite scene, Jang chose the kissing scene and said, “I practiced a lot,” causing fans to go wild. But soon after, he assured fans he was kidding, and sustained a mellow mood through his honest and refreshing responses to fans’ questions.

Meanwhile, Jang, who is the spokesperson for Nature Republic, plans to also hold a ‘Japan Launching and Customer Appreciation Event’ at the Omiya Sonic City Hall in Saitama on August 20. The 2,000 fans who have been invited to the event will be treated to a live concert and talk show.

Photo credit: Tree J Entertainment, Namu Actors

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