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What Are the Best and Worst Traits of SM, YG and JYP?

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2012.03.07 14:31 Mwave Stewart Ho

Although it may be any hopeful singer′s dream to be signed under one of Korea’s top three talent agencies, some of the current artists under SM, YG and JYP recently appeared on an episode of SBS’ Strong Heart to dish on the pros and cons of their respective agencies.

On the March 6 episode of the show, guest Choi Holly asked the idol stars from SM, YG and JYP what the best and worst aspects of their respective agencies were as she wanted her 12-year-old son to become an idol trainee.

Se7en of YG Entertainment answered first, saying, “When I entered YG 13 to 14 years ago, there wasn’t actually much to brag about. However, now the best training environment for our trainees has been set up. The air conditioning and heating is excellent and we have our own private gym for use. Our own nutritionist makes sure three warm meals a day are provided.”

On the drawbacks of the agency, the singer said, “Our training period is quite long. Even for myself it took around four to five years and even for Big Bang and 2NE1, it took them over four years.”

What Are the Best and Worst Traits of SM, YG and JYP?

Super Junior’s Shindong was next to share about his agency, SM, saying, “SM doesn’t stress exercise and we don’t have a nutritionist. One can even order food to his or her heart’s content. Even in my case, after I entered SM I actually gained 10 kg. One is left to develop themselves accordingly,” drawing laughter from the crowd.

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun added, “SM’s point is for [its trainees] to live an upright life. When I auditioned, I didn’t have the talents of a celebrity, and, in fact, I auditioned by singing a children’s song, Wildflower Story, but SM is a place where they help to draw out one’s hidden talents.”

Suzy of miss A then talked about her agency, JYP, and said, “JYP Entertainment teaches you a lot of things. Dancing and singing lessons are a given and [JYP] even provides us with sex education. [Our agency] invites educators and we take group lectures together.”

On JYP’s drawbacks, miss A’s Min humorously shared, “It would be nice to receive some songs from outside [our company], but we are only given Park Jin Young’s songs.”

Which agency would you choose if you had a choice?

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