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Park Si Yeon Strips Down For ‘Man Waiting for Adultery’

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2012.03.06 17:07 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Park Si Yeon, the newlywed who tied the knot not long ago in November 2011, stripped down for her film Man Waiting for Adultery.

Park Si Yeon Strips Down For ‘Man Waiting for Adultery’

The press conference for Man Waiting for Adultery was held on March 5 in Seoul. Director Kim Hyung Joon and actors Park Hee Soon, Joo Sang Wook, Park Si Yeon and Kim Jung Tae attended the conference to open up on the film.

The preview for the film was revealed for the first time at the conference. Officials stared on in amazement, as Park Si Yeon surprisingly started to reveal more about herself than anyone thought she would.

Park Si Yeon took on the role of the beautiful widow Su Jin, and partnered up with Park Hee Soon in the role of a detective that specializes in adultery cases. After they become the suspects of a murder case while they were waiting to ambush and charge someone of adultery, they start to become involved in a dangerous relationship. The two then continue to showcase bed scenes and various other hot love scenes.

Park Si Yeon’s role is supposed to have a fit body perfected through yoga practices. Because of this, Park Si Yeon reveals her newly toned body many times while she shows herself doing yoga. She especially left a big impression by revealing most of her breasts in a bed scene with Park Hee Soon. It was so revealing that everything was caught on camera only except for, ahem, the most important (?) part, hidden by the angle.

She continued to show off her body in rainy scenes that caused her clothes to stick to her body. “I’ve rarely acted in bright and funny roles. This time, I have to act in a role that is pained inside but has to seduce [a man]. I felt a lot of pressure, but Park Hee Soon sunbae (senior) led me well and went through those [erotic] scenes quickly,” Park Si Yeon said.

Park Hee Soon said about the film, “It’s a film like a gift set, that adults can enjoy without much pressure.”

Man Waiting for Adultery is an investigative film that tells of how a detective who specializes in adultery becomes the suspect of a mysterious murder case. It will premiere on April 11.

Park Si Yeon Strips Down For ‘Man Waiting for Adultery’

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