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How Were the New MCs of ‘1 Night, 2 Days 2’?

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2012.03.05 14:38 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

On March 4 the long-awaited first episode of KBS2’s 1 Night, 2 Days 2 finally aired. The program was the same program as the previous season, but with different members, and the main MC spot previously taken up by Kang Ho Dong went to Kim Seung Woo and Lee Su Geun. We took a look at how well they did on their first try.

How Were the New MCs of ‘1 Night, 2 Days 2’?

The seven members - original members Lee Su Geun, Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Jong Min and new members Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Sung Si Kyung and Ju Won - travelled to Incheon’s Baegado for the first epsidoe.

Although the Nation’s MC Kang Ho Dong was missing and Lee Seung Gi and Eun Ji Won had left the program, the show managed to garner some satisfying statistics. It came in first with viewership ratings of 27.3 percent (AGB Nielsen Media Research).

Despite the high ratings, not everything in the show was perfect. The members’ teamwork was relatively weak compared to that shown by the members of the first season, and the program’s believability and structure could’ve been done better.

The new MCs proved to be especially lackluster. The reason why the producers had invited Kim Seung Woo to the show was obvious. It was to pair him up as another MC with the MC Lee Su Geun. It was a combination the producers thought would be able to match the strong names of Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae Suk.

How Were the New MCs of ‘1 Night, 2 Days 2’?

Kim Seung Woo showed, however, that he wasn’t quite adjusted yet to ‘real’ variety. The show was completely different from KBS2’s Win Win, which he currently hosts, and because of this, he stepped back and concentrated on his role as a guest, forcing Lee Su Geun to step forth and take up the role as main MC, This feat only managed to emphasize the lack of a clear leading MC for the show.

Let’s look back at the first season from the time Kang Ho Dong had left. Lee Seung Gi became the main MC, and Lee Su Geun supported him from behind. The teamwork and friendship between the members minimized the effect the departure of the Nation’s MC had on the show.

1 Night, 2 Days 2 has just aired its first broadcast. It is a bit early to be talking about how the new MC structure was. It is true, however, that the MCs have a great effect on the concept of the program. If they are unable to hold the center of the members’ teamwork and the program itself, everything will soon come crumbling down on their heads.

This is why it’s important that the two quickly build a unique teamwork and set up their definite characters. It’s time they learned from the lesson SBS’s Family Outing 2 gave on what happens when there is no strong MC to stand strong.

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