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[Star of the Week] A Pink Na Eun and SHINee Taemin’s Sweetest ‘We Got Married’ Moments

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2013.07.07 14:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

It hasn’t been that long since A Pink’s Son Na Eun and SHINee’s Taemin embarked on married life together on MBC’s We Got Married, but they’ve quickly become one of our favorite couples on the show.

As Taemin and Na Eun course through many “firsts” together as a couple, taking viewers along for the ride, we’re looking back on some of our favorite moments between the two idol stars from the show.

[Star of the Week] A Pink Na Eun and SHINee Taemin’s Sweetest ‘We Got Married’ Moments

Na Eun and Taemin feed each other

Everyone knows the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach, but to feed her? Now, you’re just showing off.

Taemin admitted he doesn’t like seeing couples feed each other, but love makes you do some crazy things, as even he couldn’t resist feeding Na Eun on one of the early episodes.

“I’m really good at feeding myself,” says Taemin. “Things like feeding other people, I can’t do it because it makes me squirm, so I was shocked. Like, how did I do this?”

He continues, “I wanted to take care of my wife, and because she’s younger than me, I wanted to feed her. So I think that’s why those kinds of actions came out without me knowing.”

But that wasn’t even the best part. When Taemin notices Na Eun wondering if she should return the favor, he saves a potentially awkward situation by picking up a piece of meat and sayying to her “Here, hold this,” before swooping in mouth wide open to eat the meat from her chopsticks.


Na Eun and Taemin go back to school

Oh, if we could just go back to our middle school days when life seemed so much simpler.

Okay, maybe not the school part, but Taemin and Na Eun, who learned that they went to the same middle school, slipped into school uniforms and returned to their old stomping grounds, where Na Eun shared her first impression of Taemin.

“His hair was so long, I couldn’t see his face at all,” recalled Na Eun. “It was to the point that you could only see his mouth.”

She continued, ”I remember his skin was dark. Ah, Tarzan! He kind of looked like Tarzan.”

Boy are we glad Taemin grew out of that phase.

Na Eun and Taemin make sweet music together

From their watersports date on Jeju Island to reliving their middle school memories, Taemin and Na Eun have already gone on many extravagant dates since joining the show.

However, on the episode where the couple moves into its new home, the two idol stars share a sweet moment, playing the piano together.

Not only is the moment sweet, Taemin impressed us with his musical abilities, picking up the piano chords Na Eun plays on the spot.

Na Eun said of the moment, “My heart fluttered in the moment.”

Remember, it’s the little things that count.

Na Eun and Taemin take the plunge, literally

Some people get tattoos of their significant other’s name to prove their love, others go bungee jumping. Taemin and Na Eun opted for the latter, literally taking the plunge together to celebrate Taemin coming-of-age.

After the jump, Taemin said to Na Eun, “When we jumped, you know how you were next to me? That made me more nervous,” to which Na Eun responded, “Why? I was relieved because you were next to me.”

Oh, stop it, you guys.

Na Eun and Taemin perform awkward sexy dance

They may be talented idol stars, but not everything comes naturally for Taemin and Na Eun.

As the newest addition to the We Got Married family, an initiation was in order for the young couple, and the other couples conspired to get Taemin and Na Eun to perform a sexy dance together.

We love Taemin and Na Eun, but if you want to see how not to perform a sexy dance, watch the clip below.

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