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[20′s Choice] 20’s Mwave Global Star Highlights

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2013.07.06 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

To celebrate our Theme of the Month, we’ll be promoting 20’s Choice all month long!

Today, we’re highlighting a special category: 20’s Mwave Global Star!

The brand new category was created just for Mwave -- the winner will be 100% determined by YOUR votes, right here on Mwave -- so if you don’t know the nominees, get to know them now!

[20′s Choice]  20’s Mwave Global Star Highlights


Shinhwa is made up of six legends, who’ve managed to withstand the test of time, in an industry that tends to break groups more often than not.

While pretty much every other first-gen idol group has officially disbanded, or doesn’t promote together anymore, somehow, Shinhwa has managed to stay strong -- even coming together this year to perform one of the strangest (read: best) dances (read: triangle crotch) in K-Pop history.

[20′s Choice]  20’s Mwave Global Star Highlights


2PM, one of the HOTTEST groups around, just keeps on getting the love from the ladies. And no wonder, since 2PM remains all man.

But with Grown, the 2PM members proved they were more than just abs and pecs, as they all participated in creating their own songs.

Who could resist a group of talented and hot men?

[20′s Choice]  20’s Mwave Global Star Highlights

Super Junior-M

Super Junior-M may have started out as a unit group of Super Junior, but Super Junior-M has managed to constantly exceed expectations.

Of course, it helps when you mix members from an ultra-popular K-Pop group with two talented international members, in Zhou Mi and Henry, and with Break Down in 2013, Super Junior-M solidified its place in international K-Pop star ranks.

[20′s Choice]  20’s Mwave Global Star Highlights


Exo-K and Exo-M (collectively, Exo) have admittedly few promotion periods in its relatively short career. But Exo fans are nothing if not dedicated, sticking by the rookie group even in the midst of a dry promo spell.

Thankfully, Exo returned in 2013 with Wolf, and managed to satiate all the waiting fans’ desires -- although we’re sure that Exo fans will always want more Exo.

[20′s Choice]  20’s Mwave Global Star Highlights


The talented members of Infinite always seem to be, above all, a group.

Despite having seven members, who are all busy with their respective solo activities, Infinite shines brightest as a group -- and especially when it’s on stage, dancing in perfect unison.

In 2013, Infinite returned with Man in Love and subsequently got all the Women to fall in Love with Infinite.

Even though making a choice is near impossible -- go vote for your favorite here!

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