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[Interview Part II] EXO Talks of More Practical Problems

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2013.07.06 17:00 Mwave Choi, EunHwa Translation Credit : Erika Kim

You were six, but now you′re 12. There are probably more positive sides, but what makes you uncomfortable?

Baek Hyun: "The good thing is that though we could put on good performances with the six of us, the stage seems more fuller with 12. I do feel uncomfortable when it comes time for us to wash (Laugh). We have five rooms and two bathrooms, and when we wash, two or three of us have to wash at the same time. That′s a downside but I′m happy about that too (Laugh)."

Chan Yeol: "Since we′re so many people it′s hard to get us in one place (Laugh). We have to move in two separate cars and we′re hit with other uncomfortable issues, but I feel more energized and joyful since the 12 of us are together, and I′m always excited on the days we perform."

Kai: "Since there are 12 of us, it′s hard for us to go on individual schedules, and we hit a lot of problems in our daily lives. Still, I feel there are more good things coming from the 12 of us together releasing our first album together."

16 of you live together, including your four managers; who uses a room with whom?

Chan Yeol: "The managers assigned us rooms. Baek Hyun, Tao, Xiumin and I use the biggest room, and Luhan, D.O and Sehun share a room. Then Kai, Chen and Suho take up a room, Kris shares his room with managers and Lay also shares a room with managers. We have five rooms and two bathrooms, and like I said before, two or three of us have to use a bathroom at the same time when we wash."

[Interview Part II] EXO Talks of More Practical Problems

What does ′Wolf′ show about EXO?

Chan Yeol: "Since we′re supposed to be wolves, we run around onstage like strong wolves. We also appeal with our puppy-like charms when we′re not onstage, though."

Suho: "As soon as I heard the song I thought ′this is it!′ We first debuted with MAMA, and many showed an interest in our majestic performances. While we were thinking of how we could emphasize our performances, which are our strengths, more, we met this song, Wolf. The song itself was really a new type and helped us concentrate on our performances, so I thought we could really emphasize our charms."

D.O: "The song was a new type as well as the choreography. We put it onstage because the genre was one that not many others had tried, and the reviews were good."

Chen: "Since 12 of us have to sing we have only short parts, but our dance can express each member′s charisma without any limitations. It′s a song that helps each member′s color shine, with the choreography also emphasizing each member′s individual charms."

What does EXO do in its free time? Any hobbies?

Xiumin: "We live close to Hangang, so we often go biking or play basketball. We like to play soccer and badminton too, and at night we go shopping."

Chen: "I like to exercise, and at times we just go biking. I′m happy when we′re together."

Kris: "On weekends or whenever we′re free I cook, but these days since there are 12 of us we usually go out to eat or order deliveries."

What are your ideal types?

Chen: "I like people with beautiful eyes. My ideal type is someone with giant and pretty eyes."

Sehun: "I like Miranda Kerr. She visited Korea a while back and I was sorry I didn′t get to meet her (Laugh)."

Baek Hyun: "I like cute and round styles, who aren′t too skinny."

Chan Yeol: "My ideal type has to have the same taste in music as me, and also a similar sense of humor. I haven′t spoken with many women so I can′t pick out any one, but for looks, my ideal type is Scarlett Johansson."

Kris: "I like women who is as beautiful as an angel (Laugh)."

Xiumin: "I don′t fall in love at first sight. I like people who I know can understand me."

Suho: "I like literary women with long hair. I would like it if her face is small and pretty (Laugh)."

Luhan: "For looks, I like women who have long hair, are quiet and have white skin, but what′s most important is that we understand each other."

D.O: "I like women who laugh easily. My ideal type in terms of foreign actors is Amanda Seyfried."

[Interview Part II] EXO Talks of More Practical Problems

How far does EXO plan to go this year?

Kris: "I hope we win a big and great award (Laugh)."

Suho: "Since we won the rookie award last year, we have higher hopes this time. I want to stand somewhere higher than we did last year with our rookie award, and next I hope we hold an exclusive concert, and the year after that I hope we can go on an Asia tour. It′s great to see our seniors go on world tours, but that′s our plan for now."

Chan Yeol: "Our biggest goal is to become an icon in Korea and China. I want to work hard to prove that EXO will have no end."

Kai: "I missed the stage a lot because we had been away from it for so long after MAMA. I′m really happy right now, and it′s fun since it′s the first time all 12 of us are promoting in Korea."

Chen: "I want to work hard like a rookie every time we make a comeback, and become recognized that way."

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