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[Star of the Week] Some Awesome Moments of Sung Shi Won AKA Jung Eun Ji

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2013.07.07 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

We’ll be lying if we said tvN’s Reply 1997 didn’t sweep us off our feet, because it totally did. And it was that much more sentimental since we grew up with K-Pop during that era and we had a nice trip back into the past.

[Star of the Week] Some Awesome Moments of Sung Shi Won AKA Jung Eun Ji

But what made Reply 1997 worthwhile was not only the solid storyline, but the amazing acting performance by none other than A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji.

Although Jung Eun Ji has returned to her A Pink roots, we’re taking this moment to travel back to 1998 when Jung Eun Ji let herself shine as Sung Shi Won.

Transformation into the Ultimate Fangirl

The hours of practice were completely worthwhile as Jung Eun Ji began to dance to H.O.T’s hit song, A Warrior’s Descendant.

You can literally see Jung Eun Ji become possessed before she breaks out into the dancing and finally burst into tears, overwhelmed with so much emotion to see her oppas on stage.

Even H.O.T’s Tony was impressed to see how well she danced to the difficult choreography.

Limited Edition Memorabilia

Why do tears come to our eyes when watching this scene?
Because this has happened to us before and we know exactly what Jung Eun Ji is going through.

That’s why we’re so amazed by her acting here, as she desperately asks her father to take off the limited edition Club H.O.T 1st fanclub raincoat.

And when that raincoat rips… well, our hearts are ripping apart with yours, Jung Eun Ji.

The Chair of Truth

Jung Eun Ji never played the shy girl in the drama, and so this bold confession is definitely a scene to remember.

She lays it out clearly for Seo In Guk that he′s the one she wants and eventually pokes at his ego to make him make the move everyone′s been waiting for.

Giving Birth to Sung Shi Won Jr.

A short but worthwhile scene.

For someone who has never given birth before, Jung Eun Ji did a great job with the crying and screaming of profanities, all the while painfully pulling hair.

It was always the most refreshing when Jung Eun Ji spit out a curse word or two.

Once a Fangirl, Always a Fangirl

After finding out that her sister-in-law is the fanclub president for TVXQ, Jung Eun Ji gets super excited and proud that someone in her family has finally done a great thing, because you know…being a court prosecutor or even a real presidential candidate just isn’t good enough.

But the best part is what happens after when Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji start to argue in full Busan dialect over Seo In Guk’s jealousy over Jung Eun Ji’s continuous dedication to Tony.

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