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[Exclusive Interview] Natthew′s Dreams Reach the UNIVERSE

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2013.07.04 20:33 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Natthew has been through his fair share of struggles since debuting as a singer in Thailand, but through hard work, an incredibly sweet nature and a little help from the UNIVERSE, he’s managed to become a legitimate star.

Originally, Natthew debuted after winning season 5 of Academy Fantasia, a program which he auditioned for once, and failed.

“I watched the program every day, and learned how to warm up my voice and studied how to sing and act and dance through this program,” said Natthew. “After watching it everyday, I became a fan of the program, and fell in love with the concept, which is to dream, and then have your dreams come true.”

[Exclusive Interview] Natthew′s Dreams Reach the UNIVERSE

Since winning the program, Natthew has released a slew of singles, a studio album, Natthew the Passion and acted in several Thai dramas.

In 2012, Natthew launched his K-Pop career with She’s Bad, which featured the singer, who normally focused on ballads and easy-listening songs, trying out an entirely new genre.

[Exclusive Interview] Natthew′s Dreams Reach the UNIVERSE

This year, Natthew has taken one step further.

With his role in the Mnet/tvN drama Monstar, Natthew has proven that he’s more than capable of working outside of his native country -- and his new skills have endeared him even more to his Thai fans.

“Many people were surprised by my new look. With She’s Bad, it was an electronic dance song, and so I practiced dance a lot, and cried a lot,” said Natthew, smiling at the memory. “Also, the way I sang, I had to learn how to project my voice more. If you look at my music video, I changed a lot, with the hair and the outfits. But I think the Thai people like people who can do a lot of things. This project helped me open up my [perspective].”

[Exclusive Interview] Natthew′s Dreams Reach the UNIVERSE

The project also served to change the perspective of the Thai public.

“You know, before I debuted in Korea with She’s Bad, sometimes, when I performed on stage and I put on eyeliner, people didn’t really understand,” said Natthew. “But after I debuted in Korea, everything was okay. I wear eyeliner, it’s okay. My hair, I curl it a little, it’s okay! Why? Because I debuted in Korea.”

It also helps that Natthew’s fanclub, named UNIVERSE, supports Natthew entirely through his bold ventures to become an international star.

[Exclusive Interview] Natthew′s Dreams Reach the UNIVERSE

“The Thai people and my fans are a huge [source of ] energy for me. They’re ready to support the Thai people who go [out of Thailand] and be international,” said Natthew, who has also noticed an increase in fans messaging him on Twitter in other languages, such as Indonesian and Japanese. “I want to say thank you, and please, please keep supporting me! Because your support keeps me going!”

“When I sing, when I act, and when I work like this, I’m happy. Everyday, if I work and perform on stage, and entertain people, when I go home, I’m not tired,” said Natthew. “I feel so happy, and I want to be happy like this everyday.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Eun, Mnet

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