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Are You Kim Soo Hyun’s Ideal Type?

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2012.03.02 18:05 Mwave Lee, KyungNam Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Five years ago, Kim Soo Hyun revealed what he believes his ideal type should be like…with a little melodramatic twist.

The user of an online community site posted a screencap under the title ‘Exit [of affection] for Kim Soo Hyun’. The cap is from a post Kim Soo Hyun left on his mini homepage on August 15, 2008, which contains what he thinks his ideal woman should be like.

Are You Kim Soo Hyun’s Ideal Type?

He said, ‘She needs to be sad because of me, and want to die. She needs to have regret. She needs to think of me no matter who she sees, and more than anything, she should never doubt me.’

‘She shouldn’t meddle in my business, because it’s tiresome. I can curse. But when I need her she needs to always be there. Since I’m love-starved.’

He then added, ‘Get me some medicine. I get sick easily. I even have an irregular pulse. It’s called venticular tachycardia. I need to have surgery, too. Now, love me. If you can’t, throw me away. So that I can at least weep sadly.’

Were you touched, or did your hands just curl? Did you find that ‘exit’ in your affection for him yet? If you’re staying, his standards seem to be pretty high up there, so good luck!

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, Online community website

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