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[Interview Part II] Shin Se Kyung Talks about ′When a Man Loves′ as Its Actress

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2013.06.29 17:00 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

MBC′s When a Man Loves is an interesting piece in many ways. It sparked controversy with the actions of its characters, but still the actors acting in the roles were able to garner praise for their skills.

Among those being praised and criticized at the same time was Shin Se Kyung.

The actions of Seo Mi Do (Shin Se Kyung) had everyone talking. The way she weighed between Han Tae Sang (Song Seung Hun) and Lee Jae Hee (Yeon Woo Jin) led her to be criticized as a two-timer.

[Interview Part II] Shin Se Kyung Talks about ′When a Man Loves′ as Its Actress

Shin Se Kyung, however, plowed forth, and managed to bring the drama to a successful close.

So now that she′s not Seo Mi Do anymore, what does Shin Se Kyung think about relationships, love and men?

Enews met with Shin Se Kyung to hear her talk about her thoughts on love.

Shin Se Kyung is a woman who...

When asked whom she would choose, between Han Tae Sang and Lee Jae Hee, Shin Se Kyung answered with a laugh, "None are my type."

She said she wanted a man who she can understand and respect and who shows understanding and respect. It′s not that Han Tae Sang and Lee Jae Hee aren′t understanding or respectful; it′s just that she just wants to find a different man.

[Interview Part II] Shin Se Kyung Talks about ′When a Man Loves′ as Its Actress

"Because the three were so tangled up, I just wanted to find a new man," she confessed. "My friends actually think differently about the two men too. That′s what′s so interesting about this drama."

So what is her actual ideal type like?

"I like men who are professional in their work," she said. "It may seem too general, but that′s what I′ve been thinking for a long time. I like it when they show passion and professionality in whatever they do."

[Interview Part II] Shin Se Kyung Talks about ′When a Man Loves′ as Its Actress

Shin Se Kyung is an actress who...

It was pretty ironic how Seo Mi Do was always criticized for her actions but Shin Se Kyung, the one who gave Seo Mi Do her face, was praised so.

The criticisms would have hit her hard, but she never wavered, and in the end drew praise for her acting.

Though the changes came slowly, Shin Se Kyung was slowly becoming the ideal actress by taking it one step at a time. At times she may fall back, but she knows it′s better than standing still.

"Rather than be happy with where I am, I want to always mature and grow," she said.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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