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[Star of the Week] The ‘Ma Boys’ of SISTAR

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2013.06.23 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

With such cool personalities and chill attitudes, the SISTAR members have come to become one of the most beloved groups by Koreans, and included in that group are some fine gentlemen that lead the entertainment industry as well.

Below are some of the men that have been involved in the SISTAR members’ lives – some wanted, some unwanted, and some left open-ended.

[Star of the Week] The ‘Ma Boys’ of SISTAR

Dasom – Seo In Guk & Infinite’s L

When she’s not busy giving her everything to SISTAR or acting, Dasom is helping out labelmate, K.Will, with his music videos. It′s clearly a win-win situation though, since, thanks to the videos, Dasom has worked with both Seo In Guk and Infinite’s L.

In K.Will’s much-talked about music video for Please Don’t, Dasom acted as the friend of Seo In Guk who gets married with their mutual friend. Although it seemed like Seo In Guk had a thing for Dasom, there was a huge twist that had jaws dropping everywhere.

So it wasn’t until the Love Blossom music video when romance sparked for Dasom and her co-star. She and L met fatefully at a theme park, where they ate ice cream and ran towards the sunset together as all of L’s employers...died...?

[Star of the Week] The ‘Ma Boys’ of SISTAR

Soyou – Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan

You can’t make the perfect dish if you don’t get along with choux chef, so when Soyou met Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, it was match made in heaven.

When SISTAR appeared on jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the groups were paired up and told to cook a meal together. While the other teams struggled, burning rice and missing something in communication, Soyou and Kim Dong Wan were the perfect team in the entire process, from grocery shopping to setting the plate.

And as expected, Soyou and Kim Dong Wan won for the best dish.

[Star of the Week] The ‘Ma Boys’ of SISTAR

Hyolyn – Kim Gura & Jang Dong Min

It’s no secret that Hyolyn likes her bad boys, but everyone was shocked when she said she really like Kim Gura.

Hyolyn hopped on tvN’s Taxi, where she straightforwardly said that she likes Kim Gura so much that she bothered him so much.

Kim Gura even called Hyolyn weird to like him, but Hyolyn replied, “It’s not just me, but a lot of girls like bad boys. I think Gura oppa has his own charm. I like people who aren’t fake and are truthful even if they’re a bit cold.”

Perhaps, that why bad boy, comedian Jang Dong Min tried a little harder to mend his relationship with Hyolyn, after Hyolyn previously said Jang Dong Min was a comedian who was not funny.

Attempting to be a lot nicer, Jang Dong Min sucked up to Hyolyn’s every move, crying when she sings and even offering himself as the boyfriend she so wants.

We hope their bickering relationship continues for a long time.

[Star of the Week] The ‘Ma Boys’ of SISTAR

Bora – Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, Jay Park

When she’s not saving the butts of idol soldiers in the army, Bora’s usually receiving public confessions from other celebrities.

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo came first on Shinhwa Broadcast, where he and Bora were
partnered up to be ‘newlyweds.’ On their way back from the grocery store together, Lee Min Woo casually asks Bora, “Will you marry me?” which Bora casually ignored.

Likewise, Jay Park has also confessed on Taxi of being a huge fanboy of Bora, even declaring that if Bora’s not in front of him, he doesn’t have plans to date.

Photo Credit: jTBC, tvN, Starship Entertainment, Mnet

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