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[Star of the Week] [Song Review] SISTAR Reaches New Heights with ′Give It To Me′

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2013.06.23 16:00 Mwave Erika Kim

Once this song starts playing, you get confused. So are we listening to SISTAR′s Give It To Me, or is this Kara′s Pandora? You soon hear, however, the sultry voice of Hyolyn, and the confusion ends.

Everything takes a completely different road from there, proving that what sets this group apart from the others is its members′ vocals.

[Star of the Week] [Song Review] SISTAR Reaches New Heights with ′Give It To Me′

Taking a brief look at SISTAR′s career, you immediately notice that the popularity of its previous songs is mostly what draws attention to the group and buoys its songs up to the top right on the day of their release, marking all-kills.

Once you listen to its songs, however, you come to admit that this isn′t the full story about what′s working to tow SISTAR to the top and get it to practically destroy the charts for weeks on end.

The secret is that SISTAR has climbed steadily not only in popularity, but also in individual skills. At first, it was just the song and the addictive dances that drew interest. Next, Hyolyn practically demanded attention with her overwhelming vocals on music shows and variety.

Hyolyn′s reign lasted long, and at some points her voice actually seemed to push the others′ into submission. In Give It To Me, however, every voice finally balances out, making the song even better than it would′ve been without the vocals.

Following Hyolyn′s hook of adlibs and the repetitive ′give it to me′s, Soyou starts singing. Her deep voice, we have to say, really seals the deal. From there, the song is surprise after surprise, as Dasom teases with her own husky falsettos and Hyolyn explodes forth as always like a diva.

Bora′s rap could use some improvement, but in this song, her part fits in well to provide a brief rest from all the powerful and husky goodness before the song really starts to climb and go all over the place, hitting high note after high note before coming to a complete stop with a last burst from Hyolyn.

SISTAR is a girl idol, which means its performance is as important as its songs, and this group is one of those that has become notorious for emphasizing sex appeal more than is deemed necessary. Still, though SISTAR does hold its fair share of debate and controversy, its songs still manage to reach out to ears and hearts, because it proves again and again that it′s definitely a girl group that has more to show than just its skin.

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