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[Interview] Kim Ye Rim Aims to Go Completely Solo

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2013.06.23 13:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kim Ye Rim made her return, not as a member of her duo Togeworl, but alone as a solo singer.

The singer first let her name be known through Mnet′s Superstar K3, in an episode that aired in August 2011. She immediately blew the minds of everyone who watched her sing, as she seeped into the favor of many with her unique looks and voice, helped on by Do Dae Yoon.

[Interview] Kim Ye Rim Aims to Go Completely Solo

Two years later, on June 17, 2013, Kim Ye Rim stood solo with her first solo album A Voice. Many prominent musicians, such as Mystic 89′s head CEO Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi, Ha Rim, Lee Sang Soon, Peppertones′ Shin Jae Pyung and The Black Skirts′ Jo Hyoo Il joined in the album.

Thanks to their help, Kim Ye Rim burned with determination and passion. She shone with anticipation about showcasing her music to her fans.

Of course, the absence of Do Dae Yoon weighed heavily on her mind.

"The decision for [Do] Dae Yoon to go back to the States was made suddenly. He had to graduate high school. I′m sorry about that because we had been working together. Still, we got to work together on the track Number 1 and Dae Yoon did all the male parts for my promotional single All Right. (Laugh)

Then I started working alone, and everything changed. The music I could do as Togeworl and the music I could do alone turned out to be very different. I wanted to show something only I could do."

She explained that she poured in a part of herself that she couldn′t show while she was a part of Togeworl. This was what made her album unique. Her new song, All Right, also shone thanks to Yoon Jong Shin, who had tailored the song to fit her voice color.

[Interview] Kim Ye Rim Aims to Go Completely Solo

Kim Ye Rim found that she had grown so much while working on the album.

"It was awesome. I came to Korea after I decided on an agency the year after I appeared in Superstar K3 in 2011. Two, three years just went by so fast. When I look back, it makes me wonder. I also thought I should work harder after receiving songs from and getting to work with great artists. I need to work hard, not just think it was all luck. I learned a lot."

She also stopped herself from going overboard with the individuality. She just concentrated on showing who Kim Ye Rim is in her natural self.

"I hope it just turns out to be me. Rather than dress myself up, I want to deliver the message contained in the lyrics with my own natural voice. It is true I′ve been maturing, but I just wanted to show who I am within the limits of my own abilities. (Laugh) I tried not to be what I′m not because I wanted to show how I change."

[Interview] Kim Ye Rim Aims to Go Completely Solo

Kim Ye Rim planned not to pull out her emotions, but just let them overflow as they are to fill her album, and it seemed she succeeded.

Photo credit: Mystic 89

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