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[Interview] ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik Says He Won′t Miss Any Opportunities

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2013.06.23 17:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

He has four years under his belt already, and he′s been in numerous promotions. ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik can′t be called a rookie anymore, but unfortunately, popularity is not something that automatically comes with time. Some celebrities stay under a veil for 10 years, or even 20, before they finally get a taste of the spotlight.

Park Hyung Sik′s four years in showbiz weren′t easy in this sense. After releasing his first album as a member of ZE:A on January 7, 2010, his group gave its all in promoting, but he and his members always felt there was something missing whenever they wrapped up their promotions.

[Interview] ZE:A′s Park Hyung Sik Says He Won′t Miss Any Opportunities

In 2013, the first big opportunities started to come to Park Hyung Sik.

Though he wanted to become more well-known as a singer rather than as an actor, Park Hyung Sik managed to be recognized first as an actor through tvN′s Nine. Many say though he′s lacking in some parts, he could grow to become a great actor.

"They say you become more courageous when you′re ignorant," he said. "I was able to become more absorbed in my role because I didn′t know anything. Then, something surprising happened. I became loved as an actor, and the offers started pouring in. Early this year I asked a fortune teller about what′s in store for me this year, and the fortune teller told me the skies await me with doors wide open. I guess that′s what′s happening. (Laugh) Good things have been happening."

Perhaps thanks to that prophecy, Park Hyung Sik′s year has been a great one so far. Starting with tvN′s The Romantic & Idol, he was cast for the KBS2 drama special Sirius, then tvN′s Nine, and most recently, MBC′s Real Man.

What′s interesting is that the good reviews he received for his previous pieces led to the next offer. After making his name more widely known through The Romantic & Idol, he was able to be cast for Sirius, and after catching the eyes of a director and screenwriter in that drama, was cast for Nine. The popularity he gathered in the drama then led to his being cast for a prime time variety show.

"My fans often tell me that I′m blessed in my choice of pieces," he said. "Everything′s like a dream. For Nine, my parents even received text messages, saying it was good. They were so happy. I realized that this is what will make my parents happy. I became determined to work harder, and never miss opportunities when they come to me."

Still, despite his newfound fame, Park Hyung Sik didn′t forget about his roots, ZE:A.

"I sometimes wonder what it would′ve been like to have started acting after I became more well-known as a singer. Thanks to ZE:A, I was able to be cast for these pieces. Without ZE:A, there would′ve been no Park Hyung Sik. I want to continue growing as an actor while my roots, ZE:A, also continue to grow."

He knows how to cherish his roots, and this makes him impervious to conceit and vanity. He knows how hard his fellow ZE:A members work, and emphasizes ′the group′ before ′me′.

He even showed he was modest, saying about his role in Nine, "I was worried I would be criticized for breaking the flow of the story, but I′m happy no one said that until the piece was over."

They say that everyone gets at least one big chance to succeed in life. It seems that for Park Hyung Sik, now is the time. Thanks to his modesty and his sense of teamwork, his coming year seemed even more hopeful than ever.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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