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Lee Seung Gi, the True ‘Strong Heart’

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2012.02.29 10:23 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Seung Gi’s last day on SBS’ Strong Heart will be the shoot on March 15.

Lee Seung Gi started off as an MC with Kang Ho Dong on October 2009, but two years later, with Kang Ho Dong’s tentative retirement, he started leading Strong Heart on his own.

Though he had experience with variety shows with KBS2’s 1 Night, 2 Days, but this was his first time going solo as an MC. The pressure would’ve been greater because he had to fill the massive shoes that Kang Ho Dong left behind in his wake.

Many were concerned about Lee Seung Gi’s first venture as a solo MC. He’s famous for his characteristic brand of wit on variety, but hosting a show alone is a different story. He was also one of the biggest ‘Kang Ho Dong Line’ members, proving that he was greatly reliant on Kang Ho Dong.

Lee Seung Gi, the True ‘Strong Heart’

But Lee Seung Gi was smart. He knew too well how he would be able to survive in the fierce world of variety. He used to be the stereotypical ‘Good MC’ with his great manners, but he added to the mix a kind of leadership completely different from Kang Ho Dong’s.

The panel members also helped him along. Whenever Lee Seung Gi was caught in a pinch, the Boom-Teuk Academy, Boom, Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk, would come to the rescue. With this kind of help, Lee Seung Gi was able to build his own world in Strong Heart.

Strong Heart brings in a big group of guests for one shoot. This means that during the shoot, many different stories pass by. Sometimes a tearful story settles on the studio, while at other times, a bad one stiffens up the air.

Lee Seung Gi had to clean up whenever this happened, and he led the scene after listening to what the guests had to say and then showing a reaction that fit the situation. Oftentimes, Lee Seung Gi’s reaction was the thing that brought out laughter rather than the guests’ stories themselves.

At the time he took on the solo MC role, Lee Seung Gi said, “It’s lonely being here alone, but I’ll work hard thinking that the viewers are standing by my side,” and he lived up to his word, doing his best.

It seemed the shadow of Kang Ho Dong would never leave Strong Heart, but it turned out that Lee Seung Gi, the man who led the many guests on set with his leadership, emerged as the true ‘Strong Heart’.

Photo credit: SBS

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