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[Poll] Season 1, Pt.2 - Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament

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2013.06.20 18:16 Mwave Nancy Lee

MBC’s popular love variety show We Got Married aired its pilot episode in 2008, and the reality program is still going strong five years later, even making celebrity love connections worldwide with the launch of a global edition this year.

From Khuntoria to the TeukSo and YongSeo couples, the show has spawned many popular pairs that boast a following as strong as the stars themselves. It’s also no secret that we at Mwave love, well, love—especially when it involves some of our favorite idols.

But we want to know who which We Got Married couple, past and present, you think is the ultimate couple, and what better way to settle the score, once and for all, than tournament style!

We’ve divided the couples into six brackets, according to season, so vote for your favorite couple from each season and keep voting to get them to the top!

First round voting will be open until Sunday, June 23, 2013. The winners will then advance to the next round to fight it out until one couple is declared the winner.

[Poll] Season 1, Pt.2 - Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo (Ssangchu Couple)

Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were an odd pairing at first - but Kim Hyun Joong′s 4D personality and Hwang Bo′s sincerity came together to make one of the weirdest, but sweetest couples on We Got Married. Proof? The couple′s nickname, ′Ssangchu Couple′ came from Kim Hyun Joong′s inability to pronounce ′lettuce′ correctly.

[Poll] Season 1, Pt.2 - Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament

Marcos and Son Dambi (Killer Couple)

The Madam couple, or the Killer couple, made for a gorgeous two-shot...even though whenever Marcos opened his mouth, his sleek, charismatic image was shot.

Still, Son Dambi′s relaxed, laid-back nature surprisingly meshed well with Marcos′ uncontainable energy - even when it brought on some ′Huh??′ moments,

[Poll] Season 1, Pt.2 - Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament

Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji (Acorn Jelly Couple)

While many idol couples have appeared on the show since, Super Junior’s Kangin was one of the first idols to dip his feet into married life when he “married” actress Lee Yoon Ji on the show.

The idol star and actress appeared to have more in common than meets the eye, as they both shared on the show that they thought the Han River resembled acorn jelly, earning them the nickname Acorn Jelly Couple.

[Poll] Season 1, Pt.2 - Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament

Jung Hyung Don and SNSD’s Taeyeon (Jelly Pudding Couple)

The saying practice makes perfect couldn’t ring more true for comedian Jung Hyung Don, who was set up not once, but twice, on the show.

Jung Hyung Don hit the jackpot when he was coupled with SNSD’s Taeyeon, although we can’t say the girl group member was as lucky to be paired with the rough-around-the-edges comedian. Still, the unlikely couple was able to find some common ground, as indicated by its Jelly Pudding Couple nickname.

[Poll] Season 1, Pt.2 - Ultimate ‘We Got Married’ Couples Tournament

Jun Jin and Lee Si Young (Gundam Couple)

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin soon followed in fellow member Andy’s footsteps, diving into virtual married life with actress Lee Si Young.

Jun Jin and Lee Si Young would also become the show’s first and only virtual-turned-real life couple, as the stars later went on to date off screen, putting the real in reality TV.

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