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Yeon Jeong Hun Says He Hardly Sees His Wife, Han Ga In, Nowadays

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2012.02.27 17:10 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

Yeon Jeong Hun honestly confessed that due to his busy schedule, he hasn′t been able to regularly watch MBC’s The Sun and the Moon which stars his wife, Han Ga In. On February 27 at the 63 Convention Center in Seoul, Yeon took part in a promotional press conference for his new MBN drama Can Love Become Money, where he was peppered with questions over his wife. The bulk of the questions were over his wife, Han, rather than Yeon’s drama, which could have been a somewhat embarrassing situation had it not been for Yeon′s easygoing and open demeanor.

Yeon Jeong Hun Says He Hardly Sees His Wife, Han Ga In, Nowadays

Currently Han is starring in the mega-hit drama, The Sun and the Moon opposite flower boy, Kim Soo Hyun, who is six years her junior. Achieving over 40% in viewership ratings The Sun and the Moon has become a national drama and a representative work of Han. What’s amusing is the fact that Yeon had stated last year, during promotions for Vampire Prosecutor, that he and Han would have a baby if Han’s The Sun and the Moon would become Han’s representative work.

When asked what he though of his wife’s success he responded, “[Han Ga In] is extremely busy these days so it’s hard for us to meet, but I’m very happy. Before this production began, I was mostly doing the laundry and cleaning and other household chores at home. Although as she became busier with the production I hardly saw her face, since both our dramas will be filmed by the same production company, if [our dramas] use the same set, I’m hoping I will run into her,” drawing laughter from the crowd.

Yeon went on to say, “Truthfully I haven’t been able to watch The Sun and the Moon. Normally we don’t really keep up to date on each other’s production. However, I’m happy she was able to work with Kim Soo Hyun, though he’s six years her junior, and happier to see the drama succeed so well."

Asked about plans for a baby he responded, “Well we can’t even meet these days…” and soon added, “I’m just contemplating it in my mind these days.”

For Yeon he received much attention for bringing action and thriller, and even mellow sentiments through his role as the blook-sucking prosecutor role in last year’s Vampire Prosecutor on OCN. For this upcoming drama he is expected to capture the hearts of women once more as a ‘cold city man’ character. Agencies are looking to see if the husband and wife duo will be able to bring in viewership ratings simultaneously on both cable and primetime television.

Yeon added, “In the past I’ve taken on mostly darker roles but this time I′ve received the opportunity to appear in a bright and fun romantic comedy.” He explained his character would be a man who received a lot of hurt in the past and comes to know nothing about people or love and only wealth. The new MBN drama also stars Eom Ji Won, Wang Bit Na and Cho Yeon Woo, and will air its first episode on March 3.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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