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Kim Soo Hyun′s Gut-Wrenching Performance Fills Up Living Rooms With Tears

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2012.02.24 22:10 Mwave Lee, KyungNam Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

Actor Kim Soo Hyun brought tears to many living rooms across the country with his gut-wrenching performance in the latest episode of MBC′s The Sun and the Moon (directed by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Seung Joon, written by Jin Soo Wan).

Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) discovered that Yeon Woo (child actress Kim Yoo Jung) was still alive through shaman Jang (Jun Mi Sun) in the episode which aired on February 23.

Kim Soo Hyun′s Gut-Wrenching Performance Fills Up Living Rooms With Tears

Under Hwon’s orders, Hong Kyu Tae (Yoon Hee Seok) started digging around for clues into the death of Yeon Woo and quickly discovered that her grave was suspiciously dug up not long after her death. He had a growing suspicion that Yeon Woo was still alive.

Soon after, Hwon questioned the shaman upon hearing her unusual comments and came to the realization that Wol was, in fact, Yeon Woo. Afterwards, Hwon cried out in anguish when he thought back to the suffering that he had put her through.

Kim′s genuine outpouring struck a chord in the audiences′ hearts and they could feel Hwon′s sadness through his every footstep and heartbroken expression.

Viewers have said, "(Hwon) shed a tear wherever he went," and "It broke my heart (to watch him)," and "Wow, that was fantastic acting," and "It would still be sad, even if (I) were to see it again."

Wol’s mysterious ‘death’ will continue to unfold in the 17th episode of The Sun and the Moon′s. There are only four more episodes left in the drama and the next episode will air on February 29 at 9:55 pm.

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