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[Exclusive] Yedang Company President Most Likely Committed Suicide Due to Depression

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2013.06.07 10:10 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Yedang Company′s president Byun Doo Sub was found dead at the Yedang office building on June 4. While speculations on his cause of death continued to fly around, it was recently revealed that he actually committed suicide from depression.

An official who once worked with the deceased told enews, "He suffered from a severe sleeping disorder and depression, and he could only sleep when he took sleeping pills. He did receive treatment, but he couldn′t stick to the treatment because of his work. I′m sure he would′ve committed suicide due to his depression."

[Exclusive] Yedang Company President Most Likely Committed Suicide Due to Depression

Ha Tae Hyun, professor of neuropsychiatry at Seoul National University, pointed out in his paper on ′The dangers of suicide and clinical intervention surrounding patients of depression′ that "90 percent of suicides are related to psychological illnesses, and 60 percent pertain to mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder."

Though depression has become a common illness, perception in the disease hasn′t changed much. It is still mostly considered a psychological illness that is taboo in everyday conversation, and most who suffer from it hesitate to be treated.

Showbiz is especially known to be riddled with depression and suicides resulting from the illness. The lives of many singers, announcers and sports stars have been claimed by this condition.

One official told enews, "There are many sensitive people in the show business because of the nature of their work. They get immediate feedback of their work, and the gaps between the good times and the bad times are so great that most people in showbiz suffer from bipolar disorder and depression."

Why did Yedang Company say the late Byun Doo Sub met a sudden death from strain in the first place?

The official who revealed that the president suffered from depression added, "President Byun was soft inside, but outside he had great charisma and humor. He was also a great speaker. Saying he died from strain rather than suicide would have upheld his honor."

The deceased′s remains have been laid in a memorial park in Bundang.

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