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[Interview] Lee Joon Gi on His Injury and the Military

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2012.02.23 14:38 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The injury Lee Joon Gi suffered while he was serving in the army seemed to have been more severe than expected. Lee met with a few reporters on February 22 in Seoul, and talked about how he was doing and how he felt to be returning to acting.

During the press roundtable, some couldn’t help but touch on his past injury. It didn’t show from far away, but close up, it looked more severe than at first glance.

[Interview] Lee Joon Gi on His Injury and the Military

The scar seemed to be 5cm long, and stretched horizontally in the middle of his forehead where his hair started growing. Because no hair grew on the scar, it even looked like he was missing part of his hair. To the surprised expressions on the reporters’ faces, Lee said, “It’s not a big injury. I actually think of it as a sort of medal. Back then, however, I was worried on whether I would be able to start acting again. I tensed up thinking that perhaps the clear HD screens that are common these days would show my scar. Thankfully, I got hit horizontally [by the steel frame].”

“If it had hit me vertically, I would’ve retired,” he joked.

Lee suffered the injury in August 2010, while he was rehearsing for the Ministry of Defense’s musical Voyage of Life. A steel frame fell from the stage and hit Lee’s head smack in the middle. At the time he had to receive 50 stitches, but even while he was bleeding profusely, he wasn’t shaken, and he calmly moved to the hospital to be treated. When his fans wouldn’t let off on the topic of his injury, he posted on his mini homepage with consideration, ‘I actually got hurt more while I was in training.^^ I guess the jinx that makes me get injured during every piece is still with me this year^^ Our soldiers really worked so hard. They suffered in the hot practice room on really hot days. With only a few electric fans…. The guys in the military band even lost weight and got blisters on their lips and hands because they practiced so hard.’

On the day of the press roundtable Lee told the reporters, “The military fit me well, and I learned a lot. Actually, I was the one who was rigid about the rules. I had to have Park Hyo Shin and the other successors let out their feelings before my release by telling them, ‘I’ll treat you well when you’re released. I’ll go to meet you on my knees.’ I just didn’t want people to think that my organization was slacking off, and after that controversy on Boom’s [having too many] leaves I found the need to establish military discipline because the atmosphere was pretty bad. Thanks to me, Corporals Kim Ji Suk and Lee Dong Gun would’ve had it relatively easier.”

“I plan to choose my next piece soon. I’m thinking of changing the image I showed before I entered the military, but I’m worried that if I go for an excessively manly image no one would like me,” he laughed. “After I choose, I plan to hold a fanmeeting in Japan. I’ll be meeting my other fans in Asia after I finish with my new piece.”

About his plans as a singer, he joked, “Because the other soldiers were against it, I joked, ‘I won’t become a singer, so you shouldn’t be acting. Let’s not step in each other’s ground.’ I can do brief one-time performances, but I have no plans to debut as an actual singer.”

[Interview] Lee Joon Gi on His Injury and the Military

Lee Joon Gi was released from the military on February 16. In March he will hold two fanmeetings and release his single album Deucer in Japan.

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