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[Star of the Week] 2NE1 CL’s Baddest Proclamations

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2013.06.02 12:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

2NE1 leader CL is all about solidifying her status as K-Pop’s baddest female through her solo track The Baddest Female, but K-Pop fans know she’s been bad for quite some time now.

But in case you need proof, we dug up a few tracks, from 2NE1’s hits to a few lesser known gems, to see where else CL has proclaimed her famous title.

[Star of the Week] 2NE1 CL’s Baddest Proclamations

Rose (2013)

CL is the baddest female, and she wants you to know it wherever she goes.

Before making her solo debut with The Baddest Female, CL made an appearance during Lee Hi’s performance of Rose on SBS’ Inkigayo as “CL, the baddest dame,” putting a classy spin on her famous title.

Every rose has its thorn, indeed.

Can’t Nobody (2010)

Rose is more recent, but we know CL has been claiming to be bad for a while now. Although CL doesn’t make direct reference to her famous title in the 2NE1 hit Can’t Nobody from the group’s first studio album, she shows us that there’s more than one way to declare how bad you are.

And according to CL, you’re not bad, unless you’re on fire.

Ridin’ down Seoul city
Black on black Lamborghini
Haters can’t never see me
Come and get me, too slow
I’m bout that paper chasing
Body, fly face amazing
Burn burn keeps it blazin’
Too hot to handle, can’t touch this
You think you with it with it
But you can’t hit it hit it
U know I got it got it

I Am the Best (2011)

By the time 2NE1’s second mini album rolled around, CL and 2NE1 got bolder.

Like Can’t Nobody, although she doesn’t call herself ‘the baddest female’ explicitly, the song title itself speaks volumes.

If you mess with me, you won’t be able to handle it
I’m hot hot hot hot fire
Before I flip, someone please stop me

CL gets even bolder later in the song, claiming:

I reject any comparison, this is me being humble
If you want to talk value, I’m a billion dollar baby
Those who know a little something, they themselves all recognize me
Grab anyone and ask, who is the best?

(The answer is CL)

The Leaders (2009)

‘The Baddest Female’ title aside, G-Dragon and CL’s The Leaders collaboration isn’t just bad, it’s one of our all-time favorites. The signature YG flash isn’t in appearances this time – it’s all in the lyrics and the bold claims G-Dragon and CL make as K-Pop’s leaders.

And this time, CL tells it like it is: She’s the one and only baddest female.

We we we da we da leaders
You ain`t in the game you just cheerleaders
My age nineteen, vision is HD
My head is filled to the brim, born stylish
I’m way past cool, I’m cold
I set the stage on fire, an arsonist
Cause I`m hot, always a new record
And this number one spot it`s my home sweet home
Don’t try to follow me
But if you insist, try
Let’s see if it goes your way
I just do what I wanna
I know how to take care of myself, like a lady
But I`m flipping and freaking it, really ill-mannered
Whoever’s in front of me, don’t hesitate, just get out of the way
And I`m CL the one and only baddest female

What (2008)

But before The Leaders and even before her official debut with 2NE1, CL killed it on another track.

YMGA, the now disbanded rap duo composed of Masta Wu and Digital Masta, released a track titled What in 2008, and it features the likes of Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Teddy, Kush and Perry.

Of course, CL holds her own even among these heavy hitters, proving that she had claim to ‘the baddest female’ title since before her debut.

CL the baddest female
Keepin′ it ill keepin′ it real
Keepin′ the party people up in it
And keepin′ it going until the breaker one nine
I shake ′em shake ′em take ′em down the whole nine
Rakin′ in the dough, yo, yo and it′s no lie
Baby let′s cruise baby
Let′s get it like we never got it go for the deuce, nah
Go for the triple, ma let′s hit ′em like ricola
And watch ′em all get their backs off the wall,
Get it now, YG baby!

Warning: This song will make you feel invincible.

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