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[Interview] miss A is Determined to Find Its Own Color

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2012.02.23 11:02 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

How do you make it as a girl group when girl groups are pouring in from left and right every other day? The biggest issue for the numerous girl groups out there these days is ‘survival’. And this is why miss A, which recently came back with its new mini album Touch, had to step up its game.

The album’s title track Touch armed the girls with a stronger performance and sensual rhythms, as well as reveal how much they had changed. The members sang of a love blooming in the midst of pain, and brought the touching emotions of the song up a notch with their mature expressions and choreography.

[Interview] miss A is Determined to Find Its Own Color

The girls said that they wanted to show a different side of miss A, and finally came back to the scene with Touch on February 20. The group may be slated for success yet again, as even its music video on Youtube shot through a million views soon after it was released.

We talked with the members of miss A about how they felt these days and how they felt about their comeback.

There are so many girl groups out there. How do you feel to be promoting with them?

Suzy: The number of girl groups and idol groups is growing. The more it grows, the more we think we need to find our own color. We also became even more determined to work harder. We’ll work hard to find our own brand of music and fight with our unique miss A color.

Jia: We learn a lot from our juniors during our promotions. I was reminded of the time of our debut after seeing our juniors work hard. I want to return to that mindset this time around.

You say you want to find your own color, but girl groups these days are becoming standardized.

Suzy: We’ll differentiate miss A with music and choreography that is feminine yet contains a unique performance only we can cover. We have our own strong color. We’re sexy yet fragile. I believe we have many different charms.

You’ll be promoting in Korea for the first time in a long time.

Suzy: I’m looking forward to meeting our fans in Korea for the first time in a long time. We prepared everything carefully from our fingertips to our toes. You’ll feel like you’re seeing a perfected work from our choreography, performance, hair and costumes. Please look forward to our transformation.

[Interview] miss A is Determined to Find Its Own Color

Touch is different from the music miss A released in the past.

Suzy: At first I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, and it was hard because it contained a deep message. Then Head CEO Park Jin young explained it to us in detail and even acted some of it out. He worked hard so that we would understand it easily.

Touch sounds really new; did it pressure you?

Min: It was a lot of pressure. Our previous songs and choreography were strong, so this one may have felt really cold. This time again the public thought miss A would be coming out with that kind of music, but we broke through the frame. I think this album will be a chance for us to break through it entirely. Half of me is looking forward to it, and the other half is pressured about the first time miss A will be appearing as fragile women.

Many girl groups such as Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls are flying to America. Do you have any plans to promote overseas?

Min: 50 percent of our members are Chinese. We’re aiming to make people think of miss A first when they think of Asia. But these days, K-Pop is spreading to America and even Europe. I feel proud whenever I see that, and I’m proud that we’re a part of K-Pop. We’re willing to go anywhere if we have the chance after we achieve our goal.

You’re active as a singer in Korea when you’re Chinese. Do you have any advice for those who want to be the next Fei and Jia?

Jia: If you really want to be a singer, you need to be determined to work hard, even forgetting about your loneliness. You can succeed if you put in great effort and practice. Actually, it’s difficult beyond imagination to debut in another language. When I’m on the internet, I see Chinese people who say they want to become a celebrity in Korea. If you think it’ll be scary, don’t try at all, and only come if you really want to succeed.

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