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Where Do Rumors like IU and Eun Hyuk′s Marriage Come From?

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2013.06.01 17:00 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

IU was recently hit with rumors of marriage, but she wasn′t the only one to be pulled into the center of attention and there will probably be more in the future. Son Ho Young, Jang Yoon Jung and more celebrities have fallen victim to the shocking rumors, or ′jjirashi′, circulating in the stock market.

IU even came to sue those who actively spread the rumors.

Where do these rumors come from, and why do they start in the stock market?

Where Do Rumors like IU and Eun Hyuk′s Marriage Come From?

Jjirashi′ has been spreading more easily these days on Kakao Talk and such social networks as Twitter. These rumors spread almost instantly as soon as they are first uttered, and severely hurt the images of the celebrities involved.

The most prominent rumors these days have involved IU′s marriage, Son Ho Young′s private life and Jang Yoon Jung′s family history. Most of them have been proved to be false.

As the rumors continued to spread, one ordinary non-celebrity who was mentioned in the rumors was forced to step up and clear them up. No one was held responsible for the hurtful comments.

So who makes these rumors, these jjirashi? Usually they are spread through newsletters that are written by those working in the stock market. The newsletters usually talk about issues in politics, the economy and society that may affect the rise and fall of stock, but as interest has increased in showbiz, some such rumors and issues from showbiz have come to be scattered here and there in the newsletters as interesting hooks.

Where Do Rumors like IU and Eun Hyuk′s Marriage Come From?

Enews has confirmed that such newsletters are put together by some media outlets, advertisement agencies and private companies who specialize in such areas. Celebrity rumors are especially started over the stock market messenger named ′Miss Lee′, and are passed mouth to mouth by officials in stock. The celebrity rumors are then collected among the other issues in the newsletter and separately spread through Kakao Talk and other social networks.

It is true that many high-level, expensive newsletters are known to actually contain surprising truths, but most of the rumors that circulate among the public are later proved to be false.

An official who requested anonymity said, "It is true some facts are distorted or exaggerated, but the people involved can′t really step out to prove the rumors wrong. The rumors that were originally only spread among stock officials through Miss Lee have been making their way into the knowledge of the general public with such inventions as Kakao Talk."

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