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Has Kang Ho Dong Fallen Back into the Public’s Good Graces?

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2011.09.14 19:31 Mwave Lee, JinHo

Kang Ho Dong shocked the entertainment world when he announced his tentative retirement from the industry after news of his involvement in a tax evasion scandal broke. While the entertainer’s choice of words may be a not so subtle hint at his eventual return, the recent development revealing Kang Ho Dong unintentionally evaded his taxes has left many wondering whether they can expect him to return sooner than later.

Since a media source reported that Kang Ho Dong did not intend to evade his taxes, the public sentiment is quickly shifting to compassion for the entertainer.



Has Kang Ho Dong Fallen Back into the Public’s Good Graces?

Has Kang Ho Dong Fallen Back into the Public’s Good Graces?

On September 9, a petition opposing Kang Ho Dong’s retirement on one portal site’s message board gained momentum. The campaign, which launched with the goal of mobilizing 10,000 people in its efforts, had almost 9,000 participants by September 14.

Immediately following the incident, a source close to Kang Ho Dong said, “The accountant in charge of Kang Ho Dong’s taxes made a slight error. It was not intentional. He will pay his taxes faithfully from now on.”

Since the development has saved him from entering into a legal battle and Kang Ho Dong is now making amends and paying his back taxes, the focus has shifted to his hopefully imminent return to the entertainment industry.





Has Kang Ho Dong Fallen Back into the Public’s Good Graces?

Has Kang Ho Dong Fallen Back into the Public’s Good Graces?

At the emergency press conference held on September 9, Kang Ho Dong said, “I can’t show my face on TV, laughing and chatting it up, in this situation.” He continued, “I will take some time to reflect on this.”

The situation has since changed. In the beginning, only Kang Ho Dong knew the truth about the tax evasion accusations. However, no words—not even the truth—could change public opinion at the time. Therefore, had he not retired when he did, he may have experienced backlash even worse than the one he had to deal with.

Instead, the series of unfortunate events has taken a positive turn with the revelation that Kang Ho Dong did not intend to dodge his taxes. Not only has he regained the fans’ trust, as a result, he has been able to free himself from the wrongful accusations.

Members of the entertainment industry remain hopeful about Kang Ho Dong’s return and some are predicting he may even come back before the year’s end.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, KBS2

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