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[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?

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2013.05.28 18:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

2NE1’s CL and Lee Hyori may be battling it out for the ‘Bad Girl’ title, but they’re not the first to proclaim that it’s good to be bad.

From bad boys to bad girls, we’ve rounded up a few of K-Pop’s troublemakers for this week’s poll, and we’re leaving it up to you to decide who’s the baddest.

[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?


After declaring herself ‘the baddest female’ in 2NE1’s numerous tracks, leader CL is stepping out on her own to officially take ownership of the title with single The Baddest Female.

CL’s solo debut is one of the most highly anticipated events in K-Pop currently, and the teaser images, of CL mostly being her bad self, have done nothing but further fuel fans’ interest.

Watch CL be bad in the music video, which was released on May 28.

[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?

Lee Hyori

CL will face off against Lee Hyori, who reclaimed her title as K-Pop Queen with her comeback last week, shouting she’s a “bad bad bad bad girl” with devil horns to top it off.

From the pre-released Miss Korea to Bad Girls, Lee Hyori is all about representing the ladies this time around, and she’s not afraid to pepper in some social commentary.

Lee Hyori is definitely back, and she’s badder than ever.

[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?

Trouble Maker

4minute’s Hyuna and B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung injected the K-Pop world with a double dose of trouble as the unit duo Trouble Maker.

When a bad boy and bad girl get together, things are bound to get volatile, and Hyuna and Jang Hyun Seung kept Korea scorching hot with their hit Trouble Maker.

[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?

Big Bang

2NE1’s CL may be the baddest female in YG, but the boys of Big Bang were up to no good in hit Bad Boy.

The baddest boys are the ones who mess with your heart, and the Big Bang members played the part to a tee, sending mixed signals to the girl via the song.

First they sing, “Me, whom you love, sorry I’m a bad boy. Yes, it’s better that you leave, you’re a good girl. As time goes by, the more you get to know me, all that will remain is disappointment.”

Before reeling her back in, singing “Baby don′t leave me. I know you still love me. Why, I’ll be honest, I need you.”

Sigh, boys.

[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?

miss A

Miss A showed the boys they can go from sweet to sassy in minutes with their smash hit Bad Girl Good Girl from debut album Bad But Good.

Don’t let the girls’ sweet faces fool you – from Jia’s hot pink hair to the lyrics “You don’t know me” and “So shut up boy” - miss A is all sass.

[Poll] Which K-Pop Star is the Baddest?

Miss A wasn’t the first K-Pop act to make its debut claiming to be bad.

Rain took to breaking girls’ hearts from the get go with his debut single Bad Boy, singing “I’m not a good guy for you. I don’t suit you.”

There’s a reason why good girls fall for the bad boys. It’s Rain.

Now, it′s time to vote! Remember you can vote every day for one week, so get in as many votes as you can for the baddest K-Pop star.

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