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[Preview] Love Fiction, a Macho Version of ‘Sex and the City’

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2012.02.21 17:16 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The harsh winter wind feels a bit warmer now, which means that spring, the season of romance, is right around the corner. In times like this, you can’t help but bring up the topic of love. From the traditional novel Chunhyangjeon to the film One Fine Spring Day, it′s a common sight to see love-struck couples enjoy this time of the year.

Love Fiction is a film that fits those who want to fall in love and miss being in love. Even at first glance, the unfamiliar Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin couple draws you in. And so I took a close look. I tried to find out whether singles can watch this film and still be be cool about it.

[Preview] Love Fiction, a Macho Version of ‘Sex and the City’


The story of this film is easy and light. A loser writer Ju Wol (Ha Jung Woo), who has never been in real love, meets the perfect woman Hee Jin (Gong Hyo Jin). Their encounter and love were all perfect…at least up until they started to sleep with each other. The deeper their relationship gets, he finds himself seeing more flaws in the perfect woman. Oh, such is the way of men!

[Preview] Love Fiction, a Macho Version of ‘Sex and the City’

The charms of ‘Love Fiction’

Let’s get straight to the point. Love Fiction is a film that makes you laugh like crazy. It’s the textbook example of a romantic comedy. It puts together love and comedy in a balanced mix. Even those critics that were scrutinizing the screens with bloodshot eyes couldn’t help but laugh. A rare sight to see.

This film is basically about a man in love. It also depicts fairly realistically and in detail how the hearts of men change. It seems to show why SBS’ Match is so popular these days among the public.

It’s a love between a man and a woman, nothing special, but you find yourself nodding your head when you look closely at how the dorky man starts to wonder ‘How many men were there before me?’ and ‘How many men has my woman slept with before?’ It touches on the emotions everyone has felt at least once before in love.

The armpit bed scene is the best part of the film. He discovers the first flaw in the seemingly perfect woman: her armpit hair. The way Ha Jung Woo acts out how he’s surprised and how Gong Hyo Jin acts out how she doesn’t care is the greatest.

The acting of the two actors filled in like puzzle pieces the empty space of weaknesses this film held. Love Fiction as a whole played with the audience on its palm the entire time it talked about the little things in love. The film was that good.

But there were weaknesses

The film is 121 minutes long. It’s certainly long for a romantic comedy. Because of this, the story started to flag a bit near the end. The music of Korea’s most skilled guitarist Park Joo Won and singer Taru filled in the empty spaces, but the story didn’t seem to flow smoothly.

[Preview] Love Fiction, a Macho Version of ‘Sex and the City’

One Line Summary/Score

Why am I not in a relationship? The answer was in Love Fiction.

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