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Daesung Opens Up About Tragic Car Accident on ′Healing Camp′

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2012.02.21 11:05 Mwave Stewart Ho

Big Bang member Daesung opened up about his involvement in a tragic car accident last May, which resulted in the death of a motorcyclist, on the February 20 episode of SBS’ Healing Camp.

While Daesung was found not guilty of killing the man, he took a long break from the public, choosing to instead reflect on his actions. Appropriately, he dove into church and spoke about the accident for the first time through his church newspaper.

But Healing Camp marks the first time Daesung has spoken about the tragic incident on any major broadcast, and indicates that the young singer is indeed ready to return to the public.

Daesung Opens Up About Tragic Car Accident on ′Healing Camp′

He began by reflecting on the days following the accident by saying, “I was not in a right state of mind then. I never knew that something like this could happen to me. I couldn’t even think. I was just so sorry. I’m not usually affected by netizen comments, but when I read ‘killer’ I was really hurt. I never knew how truly frightening and cruel that word was until then.”

When asked if he sought the counsel or comfort of anyone in the days following the accident, he replied, “Since I’m a person too, I did find myself trying to comfort myself at first saying, ‘It’s ok, this can happen to anyone.’ But every time I did I would berate myself saying, ‘What are you doing? You did wrong and this is the time for you to seek forgiveness,’ [and did so] to [purposely] not comfort myself.”

Daesung Opens Up About Tragic Car Accident on ′Healing Camp′

G-Dragon, who was also a guest on the show, reflected on how he felt when he first heard about Daesung’s accident.

“When I first heard about the accident, it was in the early morning when I was sleeping. Seungri came to wake me up. But when someone wakes you up, you get this premonition as to the reasons why someone is waking you up, and, at the time, it wasn′t a good feeling.”

The Big Bang leader continued, “ [Seungri] didn’t say anything to me other than to go and check the Internet. I did and the first headline I actually read was ‘Daesung Dead.’ I was stupefied for a while then, and when I collected my thoughts again and read into the matter, I learned what had happened. I was so sorry to the victim’s family and also, knowing Daesung’s personality, very concerned over how he was dealing with it. It was hard [in the first few days] since I couldn’t get a hold of him so I couldn’t comfort him or see him.”

Daesung soon left Big Bang’s dorm and secluded himself in his parent’s house.

“The reason I couldn’t go outside was because I felt if I stepped outside, anyone who would look at me would look at me as a ‘killer.’ I didn’t want to go anywhere, I was afraid to run into anyone. I left our dorm for my parent’s house and only spent time there and at church.”

Several reports after the accident indicated that the singer was unable to leave his home, with his many celebrity friends, including Lee Hyori and his other Family Outing members publicly coming to his defense.

Even the victim′s family, though publicly upset with Daesung′s agency, showed considerable mercy to Daesung, despite the situation.

Daesung also talked about how he mustered up the courage to come to the victim’s memorial. “I knew seeking them in person was the right thing to do, and [on the day of the funeral] my footsteps were so heavy. I was so sorry that all I could say [to the family] was that I was sorry. Of course, they were angry.”

“But after the funeral and after some time had passed, the aunt and older brother of the deceased came to me and said, ‘this is something that has unfortunately already happened and we ourselves don’t want you to disappear from the public since this is an accident that has already passed. We would rather later see you smiling and perform your activities in a hard-working manner’ and they comforted me. And I knew that that shouldn’t be; that I should be the one that was being comforted so I was so sorry and grateful. Truly grateful. So I told them that from now on I will work even harder to provide laughter and hope to more people.”

Daesung Opens Up About Tragic Car Accident on ′Healing Camp′

When asked what happened to the charges, he responded that he was acquitted but felt mixed emotions about it.

“I was acquitted of the charges themselves, but charged with negligence in keeping my eyes on the road ahead of me so my driver’s license was suspended and I paid a penalty. On being acquitted, I don’t know how to respond. It’s not a reason to be joyful and it’s not a bad thing either. And it’s not something I can say ‘of course’ with my mouth either.”

On whether he has begun driving again, he responded that he had not gathered the courage to start driving yet.

He ended the segment by sending a message to the family of the deceased.

“What I can do from here is perform harder in my broadcasts, make efforts to be more cheerful and to provide more laughter than before. I just wish that that will look favorable to your eyes, and even if it doesn’t, I am always ready to accept your words. Even if one person gains some hope through our activities, then I am prepared to accept the stinging words so I hope you will look on me favorably.”

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