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[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

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2013.05.19 16:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

While young K-Pop fans may not be familiar with Shinhwa, their favorite idols groups, such as Big Bang, 2PM, SS501, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and more have named Shinhwa as their role models.

But moving even further from seeing Shinhwa as role models, there are stars who have actually come to call the Shinhwa members their oppas and hyungs alongside fans, and we’re talking, not just as any regular fan, but as official Shinhwa Changjo members.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

Jung Ryeo Won

Now a famous actress and also a former idol group member, Jung Ryeo Won is the most famous of Shinhwa Changjo (name of Shinhwa’s fanclub) in the entertainment business. Jung Ryeo Won has been part of official fanclub since the beginning in 1998, having signed up for the first unit of Shinhwa Changjo. It’s said that she continued applying for the fanclub until the 9th unit, which is when the fanclub closed

Even so, she continued being a fangirl as she tweeted from the Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary concert in 2012, cheering her oppas and now friends on.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

SS501’s Heo Young Saeng

The biggest celebrity fanboy of Shinhwa is Heo Young Saeng.

He became an official fourth unit Shinhwa Changjo and has publicly shared his admiration, for the group especially for Lee Min Woo, on more than one occasion, even after he debut as a SS501 member.

Lucky for Heo Young Saeng, he recently appeared on KBS’ Happy Together with Shinhwa, hoping that one day, SS501 can be like the group as well.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

Kara’s Nicole

It’s unknown if Nicole is an official Shinhwa Changjo, but it doesn’t really matter as her love for Shinhwa is pretty evident and too cute not to share.

In 2007, she posted on Kara’s homepage to say hello to the fans, when she began fangirling over seeing Jun Jin during a schedule. . She wrote, “We went to Busan! Wow~ I was so nervous right before we went up to perform TT but then a very happy thing happened! I saw Jun Jin sunbaenim! Ah!!! Shinhwaaaaaaa~ing ^o^ As soon as I saw him, I had nothing to say…no, I couldn’t think of anything to say TT I just smiled…. Ah! I’m so happy just thinking about it!!”

Even Nicole’s Korean Wikipedia page lists Shinhwa as her favorite singer.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

Announcer Choi Hee

Announcer Choi Hee is already famous among Shinhwa fan as being a Shinhwa fan herself. She appeared on KBS’ Qualifications of Men to preside over the Shinhwa special, where she confessed to Shinhwa personally that she was an official Shinhwa Changjo and a huge fan of Kim Dong Wan.

Like Heo Young Saeng, she also met with Shinhwa during Happy Together and sharing all of her adventures as a Shinhwa Changjo back in the days.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

Wonder Girls – Ye Eun and Yubin

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun revealed through MBC Drama’s Park Kyung Lim’s Brilliant Outing that she was such a huge fan of Shinhwa that she became an official fanclub member.

Although it’s unclear if Yubin is also part of the fanclub, she used to spend her youth, dressing up as Lee Min Woo and doing a pretty good job of it. She later stepped into the entertainment industry through Mnet′s audition program, Battle Shinhwa and was training under Shinhwa′s label, appearing in Shinhwa’s Once in a Lifetime music video before moving to JYP Entertainment.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

As he prepared to dance to Wild Eyes on MBC every1’s Idol Army, Lee Joon revealed that he was a Shinhwa Changjo since his third year of junior high school.

Now, it′s uncertain if he was just joking or not, but if he is an official Shinhwa Changjo, the story gets even funnier, since his fellow MBLAQ member Mir is a fan god, the official fanclub of g.o.d, who was considered Shinhwa’s rival back in the days.

[Star of the Week] Celebrities Who Cheered with Shinhwa’s Fanclub

Secret′s Jeon Hyo Sung

Secret′s Jeon Hyo Sung officially showed her face on television through the Mnet audition program, Battle Shinhwa, but her love for Shinhwa began way before that.

Part of the official fanclub, Jeon Hyo Sung′s favorite Shinhwa member was Lee Min Woo. She mentioned in an previous interview that she even celebrated his birthday by postering the street walls.

Honorable Mentions: Lee Soo Kyung, Ku Hye Sun, Lee Hye In, Joo, Seeya′s Lee Boram, former Jewelry member Jo Min Ah

Photo Credit: DSP Media, MBC Every1, Arirang, Online Communities, JYP Entertainment, Choi Hee′s Twitter, KeyEast, TS Entertainment

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