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How Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung First Met

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2013.05.16 10:53 Mwave Lee, InKyung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Following reports of Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung′s upcoming marriage, a source has stepped up to reveal the details behind the stars′ relationship.

A source who knew Lee Eun Sung for a long time since the beginning of her career said in an interview with enews, "Lee Eun Sung didn′t know Seo Taiji that well at the time she appeared in the music video for Seo Taiji′s Bermuda Triangle in 2008. They were awkward around each other on set, and rarely spoke. After the shoot, however, Seo Taiji called Lee Eun Sung."

How Seo Taiji and Lee Eun Sung First Met

The source added, "Lee Eun Sung said she was surprised, because she had never told him her cellphone number. They didn′t talk about much then; they had small talk about her stylist and so on, then he added that they should meet up for a meal soon. After that Lee Eun Sung started to meet Seo Taiji often."

"Lee Eun Sung′s family actually isn′t very well off," the source continued. "Lee Eun Sung used to work hard like she was the leader of her family to earn money, but strangely she wasn′t very enthusiastic about her work after she met Seo Taiji. That′s how everyone guessed that she was dating Seo Taiji. No one could really reach her from late 2009, and she left her agency too."

Two years ago, another official had actually told enews that "Lee Eun Sung is dating Seo Taiji."

The official had said, "Seo Taiji met Lee Eun Sung in secret, but they were found by a few people. We guessed they were lovers because they frequented each other′s homes. Some artists close to Seo Taiji used to joke that she should be called ′sister-in-law′ after figuring out their relationship."

It can be concluded that Lee Eun Sung had been dating Seo Taiji in secret since 2008. Just like Seo Taiji′s ex-wife E Jiah, she had gone into hiding for her love.

Lee Eun Sung currently resides in Seo Taiji′s home with her parents-in-law.

Seo Taiji plans to release his ninth album after his marriage, but whether Lee Eun Sung will return to her acting career is unclear.

As Seo Taiji revealed that they "have plans for a junior," it seems she won′t be returning to showbiz anytime soon.

Seo Taiji first announced he would be getting married to Lee Eun Sung, who is 16 years younger than him, through Seo Taiji.com.

Photo credit: Seo Taiji.com

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