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Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

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2013.05.15 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

In celebration of Teacher Day on May 15, we let our imaginations run wild and one-sidedly hired celebrities as our teachers.

If we had teachers like this when we were in school, we would never be bored in class.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 1: Math – Infinite’s L

If his sparkly eyes don’t distract us, we’re pretty sure we would learn a lot about math from Infinite’s L.

He’s already had previous work experience, acting as the math teacher in Mnet’s You Are My Oppa, where he schooled the other Infinite members and Yoo Ji Ae on Xs and Ys.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 2: Korean – Yoo Jae Suk

Since he’s married to an announcer, he’s sure to know all the proper grammar vocabulary.

He’s also mastered the skill of speaking quickly but clearly, and we imagine he would have the class roaring in laughter with his awesome impersonations and funny stories in between lecture - which we already know students would line up to attend.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 3: English – 2PM’s Taecyeon

2PM’s Taecyeon is qualified to be an English teacher with his perfect TOEIC score of 990 out of 990.

Plus, Taecyeon is practically a native English speaker, as he lived and studied in Boston for several years. And when his class gets boring, he can wake everyone up by playing music with his teeth...or by taking off his shirt.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 4: Chinese – f(x)’s Victoria

Learning a second or third language is a must in this day and age, and with Chinese being one of the official languages used at the United Nations, it’s imperative that our students should learn it too.

The best candidate we had in mind was f(x)’s Victoria, who is a Chinese native. And since her English and Korean aren’t as strong as her Chinese, students will have to study in order to communicate with this teacher.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 5: Science – LEDApple’s Han Byul

Currently a dental student on leave at the prestigious University of Queensland in Australia, LEDApple’s Han Byul is our science teacher.

Educated in the major areas of science, Han Byul is more like qualified to teach us a thing or two about chemistry, biology, and all that jazz. Plus, he’s also fluent in English, French, and Latin, so perhaps students will pick up more languages while taking his class.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 6: History – Ji Hyun Woo

Having personally experienced different eras in his lifetime, Ji Hyun Woo (we′re seeing him as Queen In Hyun′s Man′s Kim Bong Do here) is the perfect historian to educate the students.

Not only is he a noble scholar, he is directly connected with the royal family, specifically Queen In Hyun. Knowledgeable about the best and worst of both worlds, Ji Hyun Woo will have a lot of share.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 7: Physical Education – Kim Jong Kook; Special Assistant – SHINee’s Minho

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Running Man, this is self-explanatory. If you haven’t, just take a look at Kim Jong Kook and try to convince us why Kim Jong Kook would not be a good PE teacher.

While we believe he can handle the students on his own, it doesn’t hurt to have SHINee’s Minho as his assistant. We’re sure the male students would love to match Minho’s competitive side, and the female students – well, that’s also self-explanatory.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 8: Music – Big Bang’s G-Dragon

An hour in Big Bang G-Dragon’s music class will have all the students getting their Crayon.

Not only will G-Dragon be teaching students how to write music and rap, he’ll have them Boomshakalaka-ing all day long.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 9: Art - Ku Hye Sun

Talented in different areas of art, Ku Hye Sun can help students to see things in different perspectives while helping them apply basic skills into their artwork.

Known as the ultimate um-chin-ddal, Ku Hye Sun is also a good resource for students who want to be, well, pretty much anything, since Ku Hye Sun has succeeded as an actor, director, singer and artist.

Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Teachers

Period 10: Health – Song Joong Ki

Educated in the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University, Song Joong Ki has also played several roles that may have added to his general knowledge - especially in matters of health.

After playing a gynecologist in the drama OB/GYN Doctors, Song Joong Ki can provide answers to basic health related questions. The lack of sex education in schools is also a recurring problem in Korea, so Song Joong Ki’s medical knowledge, especially in gynecology, is needed in schools.

Who would you want as your teachers?

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