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[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa

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2013.05.19 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Barely legal when they first started and now well into their 30s, the Shinhwa members have spent most of their lives in the spotlight. In those 15 years of activities, Shinhwa has worked with a countless number of beautiful women, and even publicly dated a few of them.

However, as the members stated that they’ll be dating secretly from now on until marriage, we couldn’t help but to wonder about the women that Shinhwa has had a moment with in the past 15 years.

[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa


As one of the more prominent actors in the group, Eric’s had the chance of working with many female stars in his career.

Starting from the beginning of his acting career in 2003, Eric’s worked with Chae Jung Ahn (I’m Running), the late Lee Eun Joo (Firebird), Han Ga In (Super Rookie), Han Ji Min (Wolf and Invincible Parachute Agent), Jung Yoo Mi (Que Sera Sera), Ku Hye Sun (Strongest Chil Woo), and Han Ye Seul (Spy Myung Wol).

And of course, we can’t leave out the past real-life romances, particularly with then-rookie actress, Park Si Yeon, who Eric publicly confessed was the woman he loved back in 2005.

It was his bold honesty that led the public to give their blessings to the couple and they roamed around freely in public without worrying about people staring.

They’ve gone their separate ways since then.

[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa

Lee Min Woo

Although adorably short, Lee Min Woo charismatically carried himself, attracting many single ladies.

There were the times when Lee Min Woo accidentally revealed his past celebrity girlfriends on air, and others when the public practically saw love blossoming before their eyes, especially when Lee Min Woo appeared on KBS’ Kko Kko Sightseeing with entertainer, Amy.

The onscreen couple eventually became an off-screen couple, but sourly ended with a bit of drama (but that’s a story for another time).

Aside from that, Lee Min Woo shared the most adorable relationship with Jo Jung Rin on MBC’s New Nonstop 5, where Lee Min Woo played the playboy, who unexpectedly fell in love with the best friend that he always bullied.

[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa

Kim Dong Wan

Even though Kim Dong Wan has been quiet when it comes to love, there have been plenty of women in his life that stood out one way or another.

Son Dambi once shared that she could have been in a scandal with Kim Dong Wan when she accidentally hopped into his van, thinking it was hers. She wasn’t able to get to her van right away due to the busyness of the situation, but luckily, no reporters were on scene to misunderstand and she revealed the story on her own.

Kim Dong Wan also previously stated that he found strength in Korea’s girl groups, particularly in Kara’s Han Seung Yeon and f(x)’s Sulli while he was serving in the army.

And our favorite of them all, Park Kyung Rim admitted to having a crush on Kim Dong Wan. The two have been pretty famous as really good friends for a long time, so it didn’t come as a surprise when she announced that she did like him for only one month, but our intuitions say it was much longer.

[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa

Shin Hye Sung

Always careful with how he carries himself, Shin Hye Sung’s past relationships have been buried with mere rumors and scandals that were never confirmed, and because he’s never appeared in dramas or movies, there are no co-actresses that we can talk about, but luckily for us, Shin Hye Sung collaborated with plenty of beautiful ladies with equally beautiful voices.

Through his eight years of solo activities, he’s had the opportunity to work with Park Ji Yoon, Lyn, Kang Suji, Nam Gyuri, and even former Miss Korea Honey Lee, presenting just wonderful pieces of ear candy to his audience.

[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa

Jun Jin

Being the tall, funny, and handsome one, Jun Jin was always swimming in a pool of rumors and scandals.

Just like Lee Min Woo, one of Jun Jin’s romances happened after appearing in MBC’s We Got Married with Lee Si Young. They were an odd couple, both strange in their own worlds, but they managed to work it out on the show and off the show as it was revealed they were dating in real life in 2009.

Jun Jin recently mentioned Lee Si Young on MBC’s Radio Star that they are just good colleagues and doing their own things in life - like becoming a national boxer.

Then there was SPICA’s Park Ju Hyun, who found herself in a dating rumor with Jun Jin. They admitted to being a couple, but were under fire for noise marketing, especially since it happened right around SPICA’s comeback.

Real or not, we’ll never know anyway.

[Star of the Week] The Onscreen Off-Screen Venuses of Shinhwa


Andy was there at the beginning of time for the first season of We Got Married, where he set down the outline for the future virtual marriages to come.

Andy married Solbi and proved to be the most realistic couple on the show at the time (Shinae and Alex were too perfect; Crown J and Seo In Young were more in love with their shoes; Jung Hyung Don and Saori...well, let′s just say we forgot about them until we did a quick Google search).

Andy and Solbi were so cute together that people, including Solbi’s parents, started to hope that they were really dating in real life.

Too bad nothing was confirmed and the couple ‘broke up’ after eight months of virtual marriage.

Andy later stated on a talk show that he saw Solbi like a little sister.

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