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[Interview] Shinhwa Speaks of Its Tomorrow

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2013.05.18 10:02 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

"We′re not together just because we′re Shinhwa. We′re together because we′re like a real family."

Touching words from Jun Jin. When you look at Shinhwa, you can′t help but feel a bit jealous deep inside. They met in their teens, and stayed together to brace hardships and share joy into their 30s. At a time of life when friends start to drift apart, the Shinhwa members have friends that will always be by their sides.

[Interview] Shinhwa Speaks of Its Tomorrow

As if to prove this was true, Eric said, "I was sorry I didn′t get to do anything for my parents for Parents′ Day, but then I got a picture and a text from my father. It turned out [Jun] Jin had sent flower baskets to all our parents. My father wanted me to thank Jin for him, and I felt then that we had become like real family, with the other members being good sons to my parents when I can′t be one."

Shinhwa will be releasing its 11th studio album The Classic on May 16. The album has been drawing much attention, especially as it became known that many songs had fought to become the main promotional single.

"It feels great that there were so many good songs," Shin Hye Sung said. "Four songs fought over the promotional single spot, and This Love was chosen after a vote by 3-40 staff members."

It shows just how satisfied the members are with their album.

Eric said, "We′ve released a lot of albums, but it′s rare for an album to be good from beginning to end like this."

This Love is a song written by Andrew Jackson, the team that gave Shinhwa its previous promotional single Venus.

With the song will come Korea′s first ′voguing dance′. Shinhwa, known for its powerful moves, will this time be taking up a new challenge and go more places no other idol group has gone before. The voguing dance I saw at the interview this day seemed to be more than what anyone could imagine.

"If we were powerful before, now we′ll be putting on sexy and controlled moves that only those in their 30s can show," Jun Jin said.

Lee Min Woo added, "It was a dance harder to put together than it seems, but it contains individual parts that will let each of us shine. You′ll be able to see a voguing dance remade to fit Shinhwa."

Eric commented, "We took the strengths of the voguing dance and changed it in a Shinhwa way to fit us."

[Interview] Shinhwa Speaks of Its Tomorrow

The "Shinhwa way" is the way they are definitely going, as they have enough experience under their belts to make anything coming their way ′Shinhwa-like′.

Though they′ve already come a long way, Shinhwa is determined to never slow down as they pull and push each other along.

"If I was a solo singer, I may have become more popular myself in my heyday, but I think I would′ve been really lonely. I learned this after going solo myself," Kim Dong Wan said. "When we′re together though, whenever one member falls short we know that another member will fill that gap. You may think we′re too dependent on each other, but unwavering faith is what this is. When we′re together, I get to pull out everything I can do, in the name of Shinhwa."

Shinhwa dreams of a bigger future, a future that no idol group has gone before.

Jun Jin said, "It′s already been 15 years, but we still have things we can learn from each other, and that′s what makes Shinhwa go on."

This is what pushes Shinhwa forward, the pride that it′s writing a new, unwritten page in idol history.

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company

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