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[Interview] Juniel Goes From Gloomy Girl to Cute Girl

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2013.05.11 16:00 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Juniel now isn′t the sad girl she used to be. She′s tried on a brighter image, and she′s enjoying every second of the change.

Juniel′s third mini album Fall in L, released most recently by the singer, is completely different from her previous sad albums.

[Interview] Juniel Goes From Gloomy Girl to Cute Girl

Why did she change?

With the change in the album came the change in Juniel′s mystic image. Her new, bouncy, cute transformation came naturally as a part of the change in her music.

"I′ve sung sad songs all this time. This time, I wanted to try singing a bright song. It′s spring, and people tended to see me as a gloomy person. I′m actually not at all like that (Laugh)."

Of course, singers′ moods change with the mood of their music. While she was promoting her debut single Illa Illa a year ago, Juniel said she was gloomy at the time, adding, "If I had released another song like Illa Illa this time, I would′ve felt gloomy all year."

The ′L′ in her album′s title Fall in L stands for both Juniel and love. The title thus translates to ′fall in Juniel′ or ′fall in love′.

The tracks of the album are, accordingly, all sweet and bouncy. Her promotional single Pretty Boy, as well as the tracks Date, Sleep Talking and My Lips, are said by officials to effectively express Juniel′s lovely charms.

[Interview] Juniel Goes From Gloomy Girl to Cute Girl

Dancing with the guitar

For the first time in her life, Juniel tried out dancing onstage. Her cute dance, nicknamed the ′hallo hallo dance′, was inspired by the lyrics from the chorus of Pretty Boy. The dance involves Juniel waving cutely at her audience.

Juniel said about the dance that it′s "so simple you can′t call it a dance," but fans have been going crazy over it.

She′s especially being praised for trying something new, following her more sadder performances with Illa Illa and Bad Man.

Juniel herself came to feel a newfound respect toward drummers.

"I learned a lot while trying to dance for the first time. It wasn′t easy. I had to play my guitar, dance and put on fitting expressions at the same time.. I don′t know how I got through my performances. (Laugh) Drummers must really have a hard time whenever they perform. They have to move their hands and feet separately.. I just suddenly realized this while attempting to dance onstage."

[Interview] Juniel Goes From Gloomy Girl to Cute Girl

More changes are coming

Fans have been showing explosive reactions toward the new look. Juniel also aims for keeping her music outside of the frame.

When asked what kind of music she likes, she answered, "I′m not picky; I like all genres."

Thanks to the way she dreamed of becoming a singer since she was in middle school, she seemed to be ready to take on new genres and new types of music.

She did, however, have something she just wouldn′t let go of.

"No matter what I sing, I will never let go of my guitar in my life. My guitar is like my partner in music."

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment

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