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[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

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2013.05.12 12:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

We’re sure the only thing boys really need to survive is the love from fans, but the 2PM members have been lucky enough to work with some sexy ladies, who easily score 10 points out of 10.

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

Or perhaps the ladies are fortunate to work with the 2PM members. Either way, these women, each beautiful on her own, managed to tame the beastly idols and allowed themsleves to be charmed by their charismatic ways.

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

Emma Wu

Recently taken off the market, Taecyeon married Taiwanese actress and singer, Emma Wu on MBC’s We Got Married – Global Edition.

Still new to marriage, especially with some language barriers in the way, Taecyeon and Emma Wu are slowly working out all the kinks and getting to know each other.

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

f(x) s Victoria

Before Taecyeon and Emma Wu, the original global couple on We Got Married was Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria.

Not only was it entertaining to see these two somehow communicate with each other in their broken Korean, but it was adorable seeing them taking care of each other and teaching each other about their cultures.

While they may not be together anymore, the KhunToria couple will last forever in our hearts.

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

Choi Kang Hee

Even the coldest and most serious civil servant had no chance against love, as shown in KBS’ 7th Grade Civil Servant.

After training to become secret agents, Chansung′s character fell hard for Choi Kang Hee′s - unfortunately, Chansung suffered from second lead syndrome and never got the girl.

Good thing that Chansung had Kim Min Seo, who had the hugest crush on him, chasing him around like a little puppy. They were able to have like, five minutes of romance in the series. Better than nothing?

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

AOA’s Hyejeong

Jun.K and AOA’s Hyejeong had us squealing in envy as they became a couple on tvN’s Romantic & Idol.

While they weren’t as obvious as 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and ZE:A’s Hyung Sik or as unpredictable as MBLAQ’s Mir and Fiestar’s Jei, Jun.K and Hyejeong were romantic enough with the right amount of playing-hard-to-get to keep us all on our toes until the very end.

We were quite surprised at how straightforward Jun.K was and how easily Hyejeong came around to embrace Jun.K’s forwardness.

Couple made in heaven? Perhaps.

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies


It’s been two years since KBS’ Dream High finished, but the WooU/Milky couple lives on.

That’s because Wooyoung and IU were deathly adorable with each other as Jason and Pil Sook, and it’s just difficult to erase their innocent love story from our heads.

Wooyoung played the cool kid from America, who didn’t care about looks and was the only kid at school who liked the overweight IU. With the power of love, IU manages to shed some weight so that she can achieve her dreams to be a singer with Woo Young.

Too cute for words. Go watch the drama.

[Star of the Week] 2PM’s 10 Points Out of 10 Ladies

Kim So Eun

Using his talents to woo the girl, Junho made sweet music together with actress Kim So Eun on MBC’s Music and Lyrics. But before they could write a beautiful song together, they had to get to know each other, and commence adorable ‘dating’ period.

To get motivation to make a song, they did everything together from camping to cooking, and although the main focus of the program wasn’t to date (yeah, right), it didn’t stop us from dying of jealousy.

Photo Credit: MBC, KBS, L Studio, tvN

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