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[Star of the Week] Sh*t Kim Soo Hyun Says

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2013.05.05 18:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

We’ll admit, we were so caught up in Kim Soo Hyun’s pretty boy looks, we almost overlooked the fact that the actor is quite the talker.

In fact, if there was an award for best interviewee, that trophy would be sitting in Kim Soo Hyun’s case.

Surprised? Well, we dug into our archives in search of some of the hilarious, sometimes crazy, things that have come out of the actor′s mouth, so read on and let us remind you of the sh*t Kim Soo Hyun has said.

[Star of the Week] Sh*t Kim Soo Hyun Says

On marriage

“The master plan at the time was to get married around 37. But, now I don’t think I can keep that, so I’m postponing it a bit and thinking about getting married at 41….At 41 years old….with a 21 year old…”

We always thought the generational age-gap thing between couples just happened, but for some, like Kim Soo Hyun, who most recently talked marriage at a showcase for his upcoming film Be Covert, Be Great, it takes careful planning, apparently.

Let’s not think about how old these future 21-year-olds are now.

[Star of the Week] Sh*t Kim Soo Hyun Says

On his ideal type

But nothing beats his standards when it comes to women.

”She needs to be sad because of me, and want to die. She needs to have regret. She needs to think of me no matter who she sees, and more than anything, she should never doubt me.”

This is not a joke. This is, in fact, an excerpt from a post Kim Soo Hyun wrote on his mini homepage in 2008.

But it gets better, as he continues, “She shouldn’t meddle in my business, because it’s tiresome. I can curse. But when I need her she needs to always be there. Since I’m love-starved.”

He’s love-starved, people!

There’s more.

‘Get me some medicine. I get sick easily. I even have an irregular pulse. It’s called venticular tachycardia. I need to have surgery, too. Now, love me. If you can’t, throw me away. So that I can at least weep sadly.”

There’s more drama in this one post than Kim Soo Hyun’s dramas combined.

[Star of the Week] Sh*t Kim Soo Hyun Says

On being a king

Speaking of dramas, Kim Soo Hyun, who played King Lee Hwon in the hit drama The Sun and the Moon, once shared on a talk show that the role took some getting used to.

Kim Soo Hyun said, “Actually, it was so hard to adjust [to the role] in the beginning. Handling people, having people put my clothes on me for me—it was so awkward, so I just kept saying, ‘I’ve never lived like a king before,′”

A perfectly legitimate response by our standards.

But he goes on. It appears Kim Soo Hyun got used to the royal treatment eventually, even admitting he would slip into the king’s dialect when he was with his manager, who is the same age as Kim.

He shared that instead of saying the usual “Get me some water,” he would say things like “Where is the water?”

And his manager reacted in the way any normal human being would respond: “Are you crazy?”

[Star of the Week] Sh*t Kim Soo Hyun Says

On being “naughty”

This section is dedicated to what others have shared about Kim Soo Hyun’s past. And the word “naughty” comes up more than once.

Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News once delved into the actor’s mischievous past, revealing Kim Soo Hyun’s arsonist tendencies. According to the segment, Kim Soo Hyun once set fire to 60 paper airplanes. Then flew them across the classroom.

We knew Kim Soo Hyun was hot, but this is too literal, even for us.

The actor is also known for having ‘naughty hands,’ apparently, as he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to skinship with his co-stars.

Have we convinced you that Kim Soo Hyun says the darndest things? The stars never cease to surprise us, and we wouldn′t have it any other way.

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