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[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

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2013.05.05 14:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The movie is yet to premiere, but from the look of things, there’s a high possibility that Kim Soo Hyun won’t be having a love line in his upcoming movie, Be Covert, Be Great (although he may still get lucky).

[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

Nonetheless, whether or not Kim Soo Hyun has a romantic interest in his new movie doesn’t really matter, since he’s already worked with beautiful and charming ladies in his acting career of six years.

With Kim Soo Hyun’s village idiot character smiling brightly like there’s no tomorrow, we flip back to all the ladies that this handsome actor has worked with in the past.

[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

miss A’s Suzy

Our hearts still do this weird somersault thing whenever we remember the chemistry that Kim Soo Hyun had with miss A’s Suzy in KBS’ Dream High in 2001. As Samdong, Kim Soo Hyun played the down-to-earth country boy, who rises to stardom with his surprisingly hot voice.

Of course, he falls in love with Hyemi and she does the same for him, and they share this romantic kiss on the bus that makes us melt into a pile of goo every time we see the scene.

But even outside of the drama, Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy proved to be an inseparable match, being signed on as a models for clothing brands together, continuing the beautiful love lines even after the drama’s conclusion.

[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

Nam Ji Hyun

This is the drama that began it all!

Kim Soo Hyun’s charisma and brilliant acting shined in SBS’ Will It Snow for Christmas?, where he acted as the stone cold Kangjin, who grew up with a not-so-fantastic childhood and covers up much of his pain in silence.

So when the bright and klutzy Jiwan, played by Nam Ji Hyun, enters his life, he’s swayed in his cold exterior and begins to open up her, even liking her at one point.

Too bad a tragedy happens and the two are torn away.

Sad, but they were so adorable with each other.

[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

Han Ga In

In the first love story that stayed alive through the years, Kim Soo Hyun paired up with the gorgeous Han Ga In in MBC’s The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Playing the hottest king to ever to exist in the world of sageuks, Kim Soo Hyun played Lee Hwon, who sweetly and semi-insanely stayed faithful to his first love, Yeonwoo, even after she ‘died’ years before.

So when a Yeonwoo lookalike appears before his eyes, he flips out and falls in love all over again, while the side characters tried to rip their love apart.

But hot king rules all, include love and we get the happy ending we wanted.

[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

Ju Ji Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun’s had his luck with working with beautiful married woman, and after Han Ga In, Jun Ji Hyun followed.

In the popular movie, The Thieves, Kim Soo Hyun had the honor of being Jun Ji Hyun’s first movie kiss in her entire career, and that’s saying a lot, since Jun Ji Hyun has been in the business since 1998.

The two weren’t quite lovers, since Jun Ji Hyun’s character, Yenicall, didn’t give a care in the world about Kim Soo Hyun’s Zampano, but that didn’t stop Zampano from having the fiercest crush on her, even stealing kisses from the lucky lady.

And when the right time came, he even sacrificed himself to save her.

[Star of the Week] The Ladies who Stole Kim Soo Hyun’s Heart

Kaya Scodelario

Sharing the same ideal woman as SHINee’s Key, Kim Soo Hyun’s been singing for a long time about how his dream girl is English actress, Kaya Scodelario.

Well, someone must have heard his prayers, because Kim Soo Hyun was lucky enough to land himself a CF deal with jewelry and handbag brand, J.estina, allowing him to model with Kara Scodelario herself.

He might acting all smooth and suave in the pictures, but we know that he’s actually squealing like fanboy deep inside his heart.

Photo Credit: Beanpole, SBS, MBC, Hea Jung Min, Showbox, J.estina

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