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[Video] ZE:A Solves Arguments with Rock, Paper, Scissors

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2013.05.05 11:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Although the ZE:A members might have split for a few moments, ZE:A Five insists that all the members of ZE:A get along well. And at times when the members don’t agree with each other, they easily solve the problem with a nice round of rock, paper, scissors.

[Video] ZE:A Solves Arguments with Rock, Paper, Scissors

In a recent photoshoot, the ZE:A Five members interviewed with star life magazine, @star1, revealing their thoughts on their members and how they relieve stress.

On each other, Hyung Sik said, “We’re all close, but I don’t remember how we became close. Everyone is really understanding and considerate towards each other. If there was one person who was especially stubborn, it would be inevitable that there would be fights, but we’ve all just understood and respected each other.

[Video] ZE:A Solves Arguments with Rock, Paper, Scissors

“Even though guys fight, they usually make up pretty quickly,” pitched Kevin. “We’ve never physically fought, but habe argued with each other. When our opinions clash, we solve it with rock, paper, scissors. It’s simple.”

Dong Jun added that they usually fight over food, and instead of fighting, it’s usually just bickering.

[Video] ZE:A Solves Arguments with Rock, Paper, Scissors

Since they seem so close, the ZE:A Five members were asked if they also relieve stress together.

“When you play, you have let it all out in order to relieve stress, but because we have schedules the next day, we can’t play to our hearts’ content,” answered Kevin. “We usually play with each other. We’re close to other idols, but usually we’re just together. Truthfully, it’s saddening that we can’t go out and play. Haeundae, Everland – we’ve never gone to these famous places before.”

[Video] ZE:A Solves Arguments with Rock, Paper, Scissors

So how do they relieve their stress?

“Dong Jun, Min Woo hyung, and Kevin like drinking, but Si Wan hyung doesn’t drink. Maybe one glass of beer? I pass out when I drink,” replied Hyung Sik. “When Min Woo hyung drinks, he doesn’t remember what happened the day after.”

Kevin added, “In general, we enjoy drinking a glass while talking to each other.”

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the May issue.

Photo Credit: @star1

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