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[Video] Joo Won Would Rather Hang Out with Friends than Date

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2013.05.04 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Spring is the season of love, but for Joo Won, he’d rather hang out with his best buddies rather than date at the moment.

While participating in a photoshoot, Joo Won interviewed with star life magazine, @star1, talking about dating, friends, and being alone.

[Video] Joo Won Would Rather Hang Out with Friends than Date

“I think dating would be so hard. I think it’s actually better that I don’t have a girlfriend right now,” said Joo Won. “I just really want to see my friends from school. I’m sure dating will fill in my loneliness, but I like being with comfortable friends that I can tell everything to.”

Joo Won talked about how he found out that it’s important to have someone that he can have deep conversations with.

[Video] Joo Won Would Rather Hang Out with Friends than Date

“All of my seniors tell me that being an actor is a lonely job. After a project is over, relationships naturally fade away, unless you constantly keep in touch, but this happens repeatedly, so there aren’t a lot of people left in the end,” added Joo Won.

“That’s why my seniors said if there are people who connect well, always make special time for them and meet them often.”

[Video] Joo Won Would Rather Hang Out with Friends than Date

Since he’s not dating at the moment, Joo Won revealed that besides hanging out with his friends, he enjoys spending a lot of time alone.

“When I meet friends, we usually go to café and talk. Or go bowl or head to the karaoke room. When I have free time, I like driving to the park to take a nap,” said Joo Won.

“I like taking sips of coffee while staring at the sky and listening to music, then I just call up my friends. I want to travel, but honestly, I just enjoy thinking and talking more. It’s good for relieving stress too.”

[Video] Joo Won Would Rather Hang Out with Friends than Date

It’s not that he doesn’t want to date, but he shared that he’s very careful when it comes to falling in love.

“I’m very slow to falling in love. But who knows,” said Joo Won. “I may quickly all in love, but right now, if I date, I want to date long. I don’t like dating and breaking and like something more stable, so I have to date someone that fits well with me. If I think, ‘That person seems nice,’ I’m the type of person that will have to watch her for a long time. (before making a move).”

The full interview and pictorial will be available in the May issue.

Photo Credit: @star1

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