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[Video Review] Secret Gets Shipwrecked in ‘Yoo Hoo’ MV

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2013.05.01 10:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Full of sunshine, clear waters, and beautiful landscapes, Secret returned with a new single, YooHoo, on April 30.

[Video Review] Secret Gets Shipwrecked in ‘Yoo Hoo’ MV

In the music video for YooHoo, the Secret girls head out on a wonderful adventure - until their boat crashes and they find themselves on an isolated island. (If someone could explain to us how a shipwreck occurs with beautiful blue skies and calm water, we′re all ears.)

Despite the disaster, the Secret members don′t seem to be too flustered - they live out their lives by trying to catch fish with sticks (okay, we get that), writing S.O.S in the sand (also get that) and admiring their beauty in a mirror (hmm).

[Video Review] Secret Gets Shipwrecked in ‘Yoo Hoo’ MV

Aside from all the logical flaws found in this video, it′s that last one that irks us so much that we must address it.

Why does beauty matter when you’ve just been stranded on an island?

Was it really necessary to add in a mirror in this music video, so the girls can see how revolting they look after they′ve experienced a shipwreck? Also, how does Han Sun Hwa find the time to admire her beauty, while the other members are trying so hard to survive?

The music video focuses on all of the girls’ flaws and incompetence to do anything on their own, except look pretty in front of the mirror.

Not only that, the song is about a girl who finds herself attracted to her guy friend, and in an attempt to steal his heart, she goes out and buys new clothes and starts dieting.

Maybe we’re being super feminist here, YooHoo basically covers everything society expects girls to be – weak, pretty, and a little dumb.

[Video Review] Secret Gets Shipwrecked in ‘Yoo Hoo’ MV

But terrible message aside, with YooHoo, Secret returns to the familiar Shy Boy or Starlight, Moonlight concept, where the melody is sweet and the girls are cute - in fact, the songs even sound alike to a certain extent.

But this concept has been done so, so many times, and as people who have been waiting for Secret to come out with something new, we’re quite disappointed, especially since the group has proven it′s more than capable with Talk That and Poison.

[Video Review] Secret Gets Shipwrecked in ‘Yoo Hoo’ MV

Girl groups have done the cute image before, but this doesn′t seem like the right time for Secret to be returning with this overdone concept.

Compared to T-ara N4 and 4minute’s new singles of being bold and straightforward independent women, YooHoo is quite weak.

The only thing we really liked was that the person to come to their rescue was not some prince charming in his convertible, but a nice elderly grandmother in her awesome yellow truck.

The girls look adorable, the location looks beautiful, but the way this song and music video were carried out is just something we have a hard time digesting comfortably.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Photo Credit: TS Entertainment

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