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[Laughter] JYJ, SUJU, Lee Seung Gi and More in Korea′s Funniest Videos

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2013.04.27 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

It’s already nearing the end of April (something we still can’t believe) which means we’re also coming to the end of our LAUGHTER month.

We’ve highlighted the funniest variety idols, the best comedians in the business, wacky music videos, but today, we’re really just going to make you laugh.

Here are some videos starring your favorite celebrities - guaranteed to make you laugh.

Who could forget this epic moment? You don’t even have to hear the SNSD girls, namely Taeyeon and Yoona, speak. Just watch and wait for the hair to fly.

Not sure exactly how this happened but please just wait until 0:05, when Eunhyuk proceeds to fall. By himself. While sitting down.

We’d like to highlight Youtube commenter, osangELF, who wrote, “If I was listening to that station I probably would′ve been like ‘wtf is happening!?’”


Ah...dance singers. When they hit up variety shows, they’re inevitably asked to dance, even if they’re not properly equipped. Case in point, Rain, who guested on SBS’ Strong Heart, making a rare variety appearance.

Fast-forward to 3:05 where Rain begins to slowly turn out those dancing moves, only to stop a few seconds later, thanks to a massive rip in his drop-crotch pants.

Chaos ensues, and pro MC Kang Ho Dong takes the reins by ...making fun of Rain in the best possible way, and forcing him to dance anyway.

But was the rip too subtle for you?

Then watch this clip of ‘Little Rain’, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, doing his version of SISTAR’s Push Push dance, ending with a fancy leg split that results in...well...you know the rest.

The hit variety show 1 Night, 2 Days is full of hilarious moments. But the best come from when the boys are just messing around on their own.

This clip, of Lee Seung Gi helping his hyung Kang Ho Dong out with some sit-ups doesn’t have a funny set-up. But we dare you to watch without laughing.

Family Outing may be over (sad face), but this moment will live on as one of the funniest in variety history.

Lee Chunhee, better known as Chunderella, proceeds to wash vegetables. With soap.

Kim Sooro, his ′evil stepmother′, goes predicatably ballistic.

And just for fun, since cats are the current rulers of internet comedy, a bonus video of a fan-made video of JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s cat, Jiji, set to the brilliant music of NHK’s Ore, Neko.

Thank us for the abs you get from laughing later.

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