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The Deep Impression MBC′s ′I Am A Singer′ Left Behind

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2012.02.14 14:22 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

With the February 12 broadcast of MBC’s I Am A Singer, the first season of the show drew to a close. On this episode, rocker Kim Kyung Ho graduated from the show, after surviving seven rounds of competition.

Though the episode drew a somewhat paltry 9.9 percent viewership rating, there’s no denial, after looking back on the show’s first season, the show left a deep impression in the music scene.

The Deep Impression MBC′s ′I Am A Singer′ Left Behind

From its first official broadcast last year on March 6, the show was a big issue.

The concept of having some of the best singers of Korea, such as Kim Gun Mo, Lee So Ra, Kim Bum Soo, Park Jung Hyun and more, singing the songs of other artists to compete in a survival-based music show was not only unconventional, it was downright shocking - so much so that some artists even rejected offers to join the show in the beginning.

After Kim Gun Mo’s elimination in the first episode, a major issue emerged. A request by Kim Je Dong, acting as manager for Kim Gun Mo, asking for Kim Gun Mo to be given a second shot in the show was met with severe criticism.

Afterwards the show went through some tweaks to settle on a format where artists competed in two official rounds and a midterm evaluation before an artist was eliminated.

After this format was fully implemented the breathtaking stages of the show’s competing artists went into full-effect. In the end, I Am A Singer changed the music scene to become a major hit maker.

The current, idol-dominated gayo scene was shaken up as top-notch vocal musicians were receiving attention and airplay. Veteran artists such as Kim Jo Han, Kim Yeon Woo, Kim Kyung Ho, Park Jung Hyun, Im Jae Bum and more were re-recognized for their talents.

The reason so many artists now wanted to join the program was simple- it provided a high-profile stage for them to perform on. Most of these artists would not appear on idol-dominated music ranking shows and yet, they weren’t quite fitting of the older generation′s ‘7080’ music stages.

These artists, who had been in the music scene for ten to twenty years, were somewhat alienated from any fitting stage for them - until the creation of I Am A Singer.

Though he did not compete on the show, singer Shin Seung Hoon said, “The songs on there are touching and provide real music to the masses. The singers on the show are working their hardest to create the best possible performances.”

I Am A Singer, has helped reignite the passion to perform for these veteran artists, and it is undeniably a new hit maker for the gayo music scene.

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