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[Interview] Sunny Hill, Ever the Perfectionists

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2012.02.13 14:52 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Stewart Ho


Sunny Hill is back once more with a unique song and performances. Using the children′s song Round, Round, as well as the Aesop′s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper as motifs for its newest single, Sunny Hill has produced another hit with The Grasshopper Song/

The lead single off the group’s new single album, The Grasshoppers, The Grasshopper Song was produced by Lee Min Soo and written by Lee Ee Na, the team behind Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls) and A Good Day (IU).

Not just another love song, The Grasshopper Song fits the unique group, carrying the message that one should learn to enjoy life while living.

Enews held an interview with the group who, unlike their usual charismatic selves on stage, turned out to be fun, lively and cheerful in person.

[Interview] Sunny Hill, Ever the Perfectionists

Sunny Hill’s Trademark – Unique Performance ‘Music You Can See’

After debuting in 2007 with Ring Back Tone as a three member group (Jang Hyun, Ju Bi and Seung A) they came back in June of 2010 with Midnight Circus and became the five member group they are today with the addition of Mi Sung and Kota.

Afterwards, the group’s sole male member, Jang Hyun entered his mandatory military service, temporarily leaving Sunny Hill a four member girl group.

JuBi, Mi Sung, Seung Ah and Kota captivated the attention of viewers during their Midnight Circus promotions as ‘visual music’ with their Iljin (Luck) dance and Kkaddak dance. Jang Hyun didn’t go on stage and acted as an assistant producer for the album and its concept.

Performances for The Grasshopper Song didn′t disappoint either, with the members’ LED gloves, colorful hairstyles, fast-tempo of the song and addicting dance moves.

“We always aim to accurately portray our song’s unique colors through our performances. So when even a small aspect of our performances doesn’t go according to plan we become very disappointed," said Kota. "In the beginning of our promotions for this song, our LED gloves didn′t work, which left us very shocked. Thankfully we were able to carry on our performance without a hitch.”

[Interview] Sunny Hill, Ever the Perfectionists

All the members are solo yet they all carry cell phones… how come?

On stage the members command attention with their powerful performances but off the stage they are, by nature, 100 percent girls. As all the members are past their mid 20’s their agency doesn’t interfere in the member’s private lives. The members all have their own cll phones, which most idol stars are banned from owning.

The members laughingly said, “Being our age, we all have cell phones and our agency doesn’t interfere with any relationship matters. Long ago, we would have already been married with children at our age.”

But surprisingly all the female members of Sunny Hill are currently solo and lonely. We asked them why this was so.

The youngest member Seung Ah replied, “We sort of have an image that’s different from other bubbly groups. Midnight Circus was especially a powerful song with unique style and clothes. If said in a positive light, ‘unique’ is a good word but undoubtedly a ‘wild women’ image is not easy to shed. Even if that’s not really who we are.”

[Interview] Sunny Hill, Ever the Perfectionists

Song, Performance, Music Video… ‘Crazy Perfectionist’ That is Sunny Hill

Even outside their performances, the members are known as perfectionists. Even a slight mistake with their LED gloves that isn’t even visible to viewers became a huge disappointment to the youngest member Kota. They always strive to pull off a better performance than their previous ones.

Seung Ah said, “After the powerful image we cemented through Midnight Circus we were worried we would disappoint our fans if we didn’t come up with something bigger. Thankfully when we heard The Grasshopper Song we loved it so much we wanted to rush to show everyone. The chorus is great of course but I especially love the cello in the background.”

Despite the fast-tempo of the song, the members worked hard for their live performances by practicing with minimal background/support tracks, and their choreography for the song was selected after considering twenty other dance moves.

[Interview] Sunny Hill, Ever the Perfectionists

Even their music video attracted a lot of attention. The highlight of the MV is when stacked boxes come crashing down to reveal the grasshopper village. The shooting for this scene was done manually without the use of any CG.

Regarding this shoot, Mi Sung said, “It took us three tries to get the shot right. Every time the boxes came down we would have to stack it all up [again] so we focused very hard. We even had the boxes come down on our heads but we had no time to be concerned over it.”

“In order to always show improvement, attention to detail is a given. These days our fan base has visibly grown which always gives us a lot of encouragement. After the release of this album we even reached number one on online music sites. If there’s any wish left it’s that we hope we will win first place on a music program one day as well," said JuBi.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, ‘The Grasshopper Song

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