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[Preview] ‘Howling’ Held Up By Song Kang Ho and Lee Na Young

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2012.02.13 13:36 Mwave Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

Howling is an exciting movie on many levels. The thriller. centered around a series of killings apparently committed by a wolf-dog, stars Song Kang Ho and Lee Na Young as the leads.

The movie is unique as its storyline is centered around a beast, and the slightly odd pairing of Lee and Song is raising buzz prior to its release. Enews went to the preview press meeting to take a more in-depth look at the movie.

[Preview] ‘Howling’ Held Up By Song Kang Ho and Lee Na Young


Sang Gil (Song Kang Ho) is a dopey detective who keeps getting passed over for promotion in favor of his juniors, while Eun Young (Lee Na Young) is a rookie female detective who has recently joined the squad and is a thorn in Sang Gil′s side.

The two come across a series of killings seemingly done by a wolf-dog leading to a series of mental battles between the rookie detective and the promotion-seeking detective while uncovering the secrets behind the mystery of the murders.

[Preview] ‘Howling’ Held Up By Song Kang Ho and Lee Na Young

The Merits of ‘Howling’

The main merit of this movie is the tight storyline acted by two super star actors, who are sure to please the viewers.

The fact that Kang was even cast in the movie itself virtually guarantees that the plotline will be a tight one especially under the detailed and emotional storytelling skills of poet-turned-writer and director Yoo Ha.

Though he’s well-known for his ad-libbing skills, it’s been said Song adhered closely to the well-written script and excellently portrayed the discomfort and grievances of the weak and burdened in society.

Add to that Song’s undeniable talents in acting which, combined with the epicene merits of Lee, and you′re left with a strange but wonderful synergy. Lee’s role especially was memorable enough to make it feel Song’s character was the assistant to her role. She fully was able to draw the sympathy of viewers through her acting.

It seems very well that this movie will be seen as being worthy of carrying the two actors’ names.

The Movie’s Weak Point

Howling is a movie that combines a tight storyline with skillful acting. Therefore it is difficult to find anything disappointing about the movie.

But it’s undeniable that the movie’s genre carries a bit of a weak point. As the story revolves around a beast, it′s understandable that the movie’s subject matter is one that’s a bit unfamiliar. Because of this, it may not exactly be a movie that exactly guarantees a box office success.

Therefore it’s a matter of speculation just how many viewers the two actors will be able to bring to a movie with such a unique genre. But Howling is definitely a movie that won’t find difficulty in connecting with viewers once they sit down in their seats.

[Preview] ‘Howling’ Held Up By Song Kang Ho and Lee Na Young

One Line Summary/Score

Lee Na Young > Wolf-dog > Song Kang Ho: When else will you see a story combining these? ★★★☆☆

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