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[Laughter] Wacky, Funny and Clever K-Pop Music Videos

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2013.04.20 18:00 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

Last week we rounded up the funniest variety-dols in the business, but just because some musicians don’t take on the variety circuit doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to make people laugh.

While most K-Pop videos are either super dramatic (insert trite storyline with pretty girl crying over pretty boy crying over pretty girl) or just straight dance videos (insert crazy sets and flashy lights), sometimes directors and artists choose to go a different route.

So today, we’re highlighting the K-Pop music videos that cracked us up - either because they’re outright funny or just kind of ridiculous.

Get ready to sing, dance and laugh.

[Laughter] Wacky, Funny and Clever K-Pop Music Videos

Psy’s Gentleman

Who could leave out Psy on a list of hilarious musicians?

Though Gangnam Style was obviously the video that launched Psy to worldwide fame, we’re slightly more fond of Psy’s most recent hit, Gentleman.

The video (which we’re sure you’ve already seen) features Psy acting like the best gentleman in the world, generally torturing beautiful women, cute kids and his extremely funny comedian friends.

Of course Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain appears, and makes us laugh unintentionally (?) by wearing what appears to be a football-themed diaper. The antics only get crazier as the video progresses - but all we can say is, Psy’s facial expressions make this music video.

4minute’s Heart to Heart

4minute is a group that normally puts out dance videos, but with Heart to Heart, the girls invited CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin and proceeded to torture him - in the best way possible of course.

With Lee Jung Shin starring as member Hyuna’s extremely sucky boyfriend, the 4minute fed him inedible sandwiches, broke his car, delivered embarrassing packages to his work and enacted revenge in other clever ways.

Girls, take note, and boys, watch out!

Super Junior-Happy - Cooking? Cooking!

SM Entertainment is famous for having storyless music videos, choosing instead to feature their artists acting cute and/or dramatic while singing and/or dancing along to their latest hit.

But with Super Junior-Happy, a unit group of the hit group Super Junior, SM took a slightly different route. While of course, the members turned out the aegyotastic dance moves, the video also featured Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sunny, as the girlfriend who just could not cook.

Add in outlandish cartoons, hilarious over-acting from both Super Junior-Happy and Sunny, anOld Boy parody, and you get Cooking? Cooking!.

Just try to get through the 4 minutes and 5 seconds without cracking a smile...or a grimace.

B.A.P’s Stop It

Even though this B.A.P video starts out with leader Bang Yong Guk getting hit by a car, the music video for Stop It turns out to be one of the most outlandish and amusing videos from the normally powerful/badass group.

Evidently after Bang Yong Guk gets hit by a car, he gets magic powers (in the form of a tail?) and immediately ruins his fellow members attempts to seduce a pretty teacher.

Of course, in the end, we’re left more confused than ever, and Bang Yong Guk still has a tail. But perhaps the nonsensical storyline is what makes the video so funny?

Epik High’s Wannabe & Trot + Technology

Leave it to Epik High to parody a monster flick (The Host), starring none other than Tablo and DJ Tukutz as the vigilante fighters who seek to destroy a green-felt monster, played to perfection by Mithra Jin.

And of course, the videos are only made more hilarious, thanks to the hyper-serious acting from the Epik High members, who contort their expressions, bodies and images with the commitment of a method actor...or at least, very dedicated comedians.

Throw in the fact that the music videos are set to Wannabe, Trot and Technology - none of which are necessarily ‘funny’ songs - and we have a hit video on our hands.

Honorable Mention:

H.O.T’s Candy

If only because it never ceases to make us smile like fools.

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