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Three Ways to Enjoy ‘The Voice of Korea’ More

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2012.02.11 12:35 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Mnet’s new audition program, The Voice of Korea aired its first episode on February 10 and the show’s producers and participants are beginning to wonder if the show might reach the same popularity Super Star K has been enjoying.

A preview shown on the 7th was met with strong favorable responses giving the show’s producer a boost of confidence. Three ways to enjoy the show further are presented below.

Three Ways to Enjoy ‘The Voice of Korea’ More

Exceptional Performances by Talented Amateurs

The Voice of Korea has four coaches who blindly judge the auditions of contestants by only listening to their voice and not seeing their appearance.

With their backs to the contestants, a coach decides if he/she likes a certain contestant′s voice, and then presses a button which swivels that judge’s chair around. Though viewers are able to see the appearance of the contestants, the coaches can only listen to their voices.

This makes it clear the standards are based on age or physical appearance. For this reason, talented, hidden contestants who felt they were ineligible for other audition programs are making their entry through this show.

On this, coach Shin Seung Hoon said, “These people are semi-pro’s. Even the coaches end up learning things from them. There are even contestants the coaches don’t turn around for because we have nothing to teach them. You will be able to hear mature voices.”

Collaborations Between Amateur and Professional Singers

Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, Gil and Kangta serve as ‘coaches’, not ‘judges’ on the show. Their purpose is not to determine who fails from their audition but who will join each respective coach’s team. Each team is comprised of twelve members but they are not taught by the coaches in the usual format. The coaches even stand on stage with them to collaborate.

Regarding this Kangta said, “The merit of this program is that we are able to both produce and sing with the contestants.” This collaboration between coach and team members is sure to draw much exciting performances.

In the show’s preview that was given on the 7th, scenes of the collaborations were shown and was clearly evident the show’s coaches were enjoying the performances.

Warm Encouragements and Praise from Coaches

The Voice of Korea is actually derived from a Dutch television program. In the actual manual that was sent to Korea by the original show’s company it states that ‘excessive criticisms and personal attacks are forbidden’. Uncovering the strengths of contestants with praise and encouragement is The Voice of Korea’s special aspect.

Rather than personal attacks with furrowed brows, these senior artists offer warm advice and encouragements. The purpose is not to highlight the contestants’ weak points but to raise their strengths. This softer aspect of the show is sure to highlight the show as a more warm and kind show.

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