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[Interview] Kwon Sang Woo Says ′Yawang′ Was a Half-Success

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2013.04.20 17:00 Mwave An So Hyoun Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kwon Sang Woo successfully brought a difficult drama, one that involved his playing two roles with tensions running high everywhere, but he didn′t seem satisfied.

He said it felt something like he had lathered himself and forgotten to wash it off.

His SBS drama Yawang was expected to showcase a satisfying revenge of Ha Ryu (Kwon Sang Woo) against Da Hae (Soo Ae), but it petered down near its conclusion when Ha Ryu was shunted aside and wasn′t given the chance to perfect his complete revenge.

[Interview] Kwon Sang Woo Says ′Yawang′ Was a Half-Success

It seems you feel sorry about your character.

"I was happy with the viewership ratings. At first I was able to act as much as I wanted with my character, but later on he became boring and his presence wasn′t that exciting. I think he lost his strength when everyone started to feel chased [by the drama′s schedules]."

Did you ever complain about what happened?

"I′ve never called up the writer of my pieces. I′m not of that kind. There are actors who are enthusiastic in such ways and those who are not. I believe that the script is up to the writer, and everyone should do his or her best in their own roles. I did tell the director once, but because everything′s so rushed on set my opinions aren′t really accepted."

Are you saying ′Yawang′ wasn′t a good piece?

"Yawang is a drama that′s never boring during the hour it plays. It has many strengths. It′s just that since I′m looking for more from it I feel disappointed. There′s a reason why so many people loved it."

It seems you now have many concerns as an actor.

"I can′t figure out what kind of actor I am. I keep wondering why people like me and in what aspects I lack. I think I should act in more good pieces. I need that one big blow. I think such concerns came to me after I got married. It′s different for me now since I′m a married man. Rather than take a rest, I want to meet a good piece soon."

[Interview] Kwon Sang Woo Says ′Yawang′ Was a Half-Success

What kind of actor would you like to be remembered as?

"I read everything that comes up about me when I type my name on internet searches. I think a lot of people like how I appeared in My Tutor Friend the best. I′m sure I can do well in romantic comedy. I want to build a film that can show who Kwon Sang Woo is. My recent pieces were all mostly dark. There are times when you like such moods. Now, though, I think I′ve escaped it. I want to act in a character that′s easily approachable."

How have you been doing these days after the conclusion of your drama?

"I drink and I take Rook Hee to kindergarten because my wife has her own shoots. I can′t sleep in. The kindergarten′s in Gangnam and we have to get there by 10 but our house is located in Pangyo. I′m so happy whenever I take a walk with my child around the neighborhood. I hope my life outside of acting will always be like this."

Your wife, Son Tae Young, has also started working again; how do you see it?

"My wife was never really determined to continue with her job so she took care of the household. I didn′t really interfere with her decision. I did, however, advise her to start working again because I thought it would become too boring if she took a break for too long. It felt good when people told me she looks pretty. I haven′t been contacted for a cameo yet. I can′t say I′ll be a cameo when I haven′t been contacted by the show first, can I? (Laugh)"

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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